Friday, June 02, 2006

quick update

Brooke has been sick for two days. She is not eating and not sleeping very much. Wed. night I was up with her all night. She has a really bad cough. She would cough so much that it sounded like she was throwing up. Her nose is all red and has been running really bad. I did not get but maybe two hours of sleep Wed. night. Last night was a little better. She did wake up at 3:30 and wanted to play. I let her because she did not play all day. She would just want me to hold her. She would lay her head on me and say" mama" She has been very sick. She stayed up until 5:30 and then she went back to sleep. I have not been sleeping much. Wed. night I had to hold her in my arms and rock her. That was about the only way she did not cough.
This is a short post. Just wanted to let you know what is going on.


baSfsoGp said...

I STILL remember getting up with Jef in the middle of the night, sitting there rocking him, tired out, weary, wanting so much to just go back to bed... and I got a "revelation"--"God intends for mothers to NOT get enough sleep, deal with it". And for some strange reason, that "revelation" helped me. It got me through four kids and many sleepless nights. I'm not sure why it helped. It sure didn't give me any more sleep.

Denna said...

I have not had that revelation.LOL
Jeff was your first, so I guess you felt it was normal.
Courtney was sleeping through the night at like 6 months. It is really hard when a 16 month old is not sleeping through the night. I have to remind myself that she has been through a big change and it is going to take time. Kevin thinks we just need to put her in bed with us. I have been down that road also. Courtney was almost 5 before she got in her own room. Courtney would still sleep with us if we let her.

jaim said...

In 10years when you are up in the middle of the night not feeling good you might think back to now and remember being up in the night with "little Brook". She will grow up FAST and be in her own room too big to cuddle and sit on you lap so.....try to enjoy it while you can, even if it is in the middle of the night. Thats what I am trying to do when if am feeling sleep deprived. Amie