Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blogger Friends and Email buddies

I need some help from you guys. If I have ever signed your blog, or you have signed my blog will you please leave me a comment with your blog address on it. I will not post the comments. My husband did a system restore on our computer and I lost all my favorite bloggers.:(
If you have not left any comments before and you want me to have your blog address, just leave it on my comments. They will not be published.

Also would my email friends please leave me your email address, because I lost those to.
If you could do this for me it would be so nice.

I have some of you on my blog roll. I forgot how to do the blog roll, so many, of you never got added. My wonderful friend Kelly set up my blog account in the beginning, and I forgot what she did.

Kelly, I need you to help me set my fizzle and blog roll back up one day after Bible School is over. If you have time you could email me the directions, and I might could figure it out.

Delinda, I need your email address.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Nice Birthday

I had a nice Birthday today. Kevin came home from work with Krispy Kreme doughnuts. He even got me my favorite kind. (Chocolate on top)
We went to my moms for supper. We had grilled hamburgers, baked beans, and potato salad. Kevin forgot to order me a cake, so he quickly called my mom to the rescue. She fixed me a carrot cake. I am giving Kevin a really hard time about forgetting to order me a cake. He felt really bad.
He got me some other nice things though. I had a really nice time celebrating my birthday with my family. I appreciate the good years and health that God has blessed me with.
One of my best gifts today is Brooke has wore big girl panties all day and has not used the bathroom in them. I am so proud of her. She thinks she is something with her big girl panties on. She has used the potty all day.
She is getting a bath right now. Kevin told her that she would have to wear a diaper to bed. Brooke says "no, I wear big girl panties" I don't think she is ready for that yet.
It has been a really nice day. I don't have any pictures. When you get me age, pictures of yourself are not to important.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Potty Time

Brooke has used the potty several times this weekend. I have not had to change but maybe one dirty diaper.
Brooke told me tonight in church that she needed to potty. I took her and she used the potty. I am getting excited thinking that maybe we will not have to buy many more diapers.
We still have the passey. I have not pressed that issue. When Courtney got rid of her passey it killed me. I think I cried. I know that might seem silly, but it really is not. It is a sign that your little baby is gone. I guess I am trying to keep Brooke a baby for as long as I can. It is hard on me seeing my two little darlings growing up so fast.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Adventurous Day

We had quite a Adventurous Day Yesterday. We took the girls to Chucke Cheese and we let them both take a friend. Brooke took Libby and Courtney took Haley. I will post pictures later, but I have a good bit of red eye to fix first. Libby has beautiful blue eyes, and every picture she has red eye. What is it about these blue and green eye girls? My two girls have dark brown eyes, and they hardly ever have red eye in the pictures. Haley and Libby has it so bad in the pictures. I will have to pick some of my favorite and correct that and then post the pictures.
All the girls had a blast. Libby and Brooke quickly caught on that "coins" is what helped them ride a ride. Those two was wanting to go through coins as quick as I could give them one. Libby being the oldest, understood the coin issue more than Brooke. Brooke was happy to carry her little cup around with two coins in it. I only allowed the little ones to put a couple of coins in because I knew they would use them as fast as they could. Libby got on this one ride that she thought she knew how to do. She was yelling help. She forgot to buckle her seat belt, so it would not go up.
Courtney and Haley did well with their tokens. They took their time and enjoyed everything they could. Of course their tokens went quick also. Courtney and Haley loved this roller coaster ride. They even talked me and Kevin into riding it. It was pretty neat. It has 6 or 7 different roller coasters you can ride. There is this huge screen that looks just like you are on the ride. Your seat moves so it makes it even more real. Libby and Brooke wanted to ride. Two people can ride for one token, so I decided to let them. It was so funny. They got on and the roller coaster starts up. Libby's eyes is as big as saucers. Brooke is smiling really big. Brooke is laying there going "WOW, WOW" over and over. It was really funny to watch those two.
Kevin and I played a couple of games of Air Hockey. I love that game. Courtney and Haley also played and laughed the whole time.
Kevin was helping Brooke on the slide and this child comes up to him. The boy is about six. This is their conversation.
Child pointing to Brooke= "Is she Spanish or English?"
Kevin = "What did you ask?" (Kevin was finding this funny)
Child= Is she Spanish or English?
Kevin= Neither, She is Chinese.
Child= She is Chinese and you are her father
Kevin= "yes"
Child= Are you English?
Kevin= Yes
This child was so confused. I can't remember what else was said. Kevin got a huge laugh from it. Especially since the child was so young.
After about 2 hours the tokens was gone. Libby and Brooke wanted more. They was on this kiddie roller coaster ride and they was yelling "more coins" When I told them we did not have any more Brooke got really upset. She crossed her arms and her lip went out. She was sitting on the ride all huffy. Brooke was really getting tired at this point. Her behavior was starting to act up. LOL
I took Libby to potty. Of course Brooke wanted to go. I let her, and I wish I had not. Brooke got so upset when Libby went to potty and she saw Libby's big girl panties. Brooke crossed her arms and said " I want big girl panties to" I am like Brooke if you want big girl panties then you have to go potty like Libby" Brooke says "no, I want big girl panties" I gave up. No matter how I tried to explain why Libby was not wearing diapers, Brooke was in a really bad mood and she would not have it no other way but to whine that she wanted big girls panties to.
We bought them some candy when we left and that seemed to bring a smile. Brooke and Libby held hands as we walked to the Van. We was in the van about 5 minutes and Libby was out. She was wore completely out. She fell asleep and slept all the way home. The children all had a blast. Haley spent the night with Courtney. They have had a really fun time. I will post some pictures once I get the red eye out of the blue eyed girls. LOL

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ayla Ballerina

This is a very special video. My friend Tonya is in China now getting her sweet Ayla. This is a video she did of Ayla. I think she is going to be a Ballerina. Brooke loves watching this.

Gasoline Humor

A Passy and Shirt

I always wanted Brooke to have a pretty pink security blanket, or beautiful stuffed animal to sleep with. Brooke did not want either. Brooke's security is her passy and a T-Shirt. She has to have those two things to sleep. If she ever gets in time out, or she is getting sleepy she want's her "pappy, and her shurt" as she calls it. I could not help but laugh at her this morning. I was trying to do my checking and she wanted her shirt and passey. I told her to go look on her bed and get it. This is our conversation.
Me= Brooke go look on your bed
Brooke=" I can't"
me= "Well I guess you wan't get it right now, because I am busy"
Brooke= "pease, I want me passey"
Me= "Go look on your bed"
Brooke is whining and not wanting to look for it. I continue to work on my checking. I hear the crying stop and Brooke yells, " never mind. I find it"
This child is a mess.

Funny Face, I love you.

Funny face, I love you
Funny face, I need you
My whole world's wrapped up in you

When the road I walk seems all uphill
And the colors in my rainbow turn blue
You kiss the tears away
You smile at me and say
"Funny face (funny face) I love you"

Mommy's Girl
Being Silly with her play food.
Silly Girl
I love my little, funny, silly, girl. Brooke always has a way to make me smile.

My bad Memory.

I have to thank God for the good day today. God has helped me so much this morning. Just little things that I needed him for, he helped me. With all the stress I have had on me, I have not been able to think to clear. I can't keep up with anything. I have misplaced so many things. I guess because my mind is working over time. I will put something away and my mind is not on what I am doing, so I forget where I put it.
My sister's court date got canceled for today. I was so thankful for that, because I just did not feel like dealing with the stress of this.
I got up and decided I needed to pull myself out of the blues. I am behind on house work and other things. I decided I needed to balance my checking because I am behind on doing that.
I go to get my bank statement, and can not find it or the calculator anywhere. I had just saw it yesterday, so I knew it had to be here somewhere. Finally I ask God to help me find it. I was going to the living room and looked down at Brooke's diaper bag. I saw the calculator. I get it out and there is the bank statement. Why was it in the diaper bag??? (My mind working over time) I then sit down to balance the account and my book that I write my checks in was missing. I pray again, and within a few minutes God directed my mind to where it was at. It was somewhere it should not have been. My busy mind put it in a cabinet without thinking about it. I am the type that likes to balance my account to the penny. I don't like to give the bank anything. I will work for hours if I have to, to balance our account. Sometimes it is stupid mistakes that cause me to work for hours to get it correct. Maybe Kevin bought something and forgot to write it down. Maybe we did a debit and forgot to write it down. Little forgetful things can cause you to spend hours on a project. I really did not want to deal with this today. I ask God to help me get it close to right. I was about $17.00 off. I was determined I was going to find that mistake. I started from last months balance and started subtracting. I got to the very end and there was a spot with $17.00 that had not been subtracted. I ended up 6 penny's off, but it was to my favor so I was happy. I did not have to work long to figure it out.
I know some of you out there are probably thinking it would be easier to use Quicken or some program on the computer to balance your account. I have tried it, and I just don't like it. I know it has to be quicker and easier, but I could not figure it out. Maybe one of these days when my mind is not so busy I can figure it out. I am just thankful that God has helped me this morning. It has gave me a little strength to make it through the day without the blues. As I prayed last night I poured my heart out to God concerning my sister and my nephew. I told God that my hands are tied and I can't do anything but pray. I know that God's hands are not tied, and that he can move on this situation. As hard as it has been on me, I can not imagine what my sister is going through. I have God to lean on and talk to. God gives me strength during the times I don't feel like I can go another mile. I am speaking about the physical body, not the spiritual. God is faithful. I know that all things work together for good to those that love God. God will get us through this.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've been tagged.

I have been tagged by Jen.

Lists 8 random facts/habits about yourself in a blog post. List these directions in the post. At the end of the post, tag 8 people to complete the task. Leave the persons you’ve tagged a comment to tell them they’re tagged and refer them to your blog to read the directions.

8. My first job was working at a daycare. I LOVED it.

7. I married somebody younger than me. Something I said I would never do. God had other plans. Kevin and I was best friends for about 4 years, before we realized our friendship was more than best friends.

6. I worked the first two years of our marriage at SCI. I was very ready to quit. As soon as Kevin got his degree, and job I quit. Of course we thought babies would start coming and so there was no need for me to work. Again, God had other plans.

5. I baby sat a little boy in my home, during our stuggle with infertility. Josh was my inspiration. He made me laugh, when I did not think I could laugh. He loved us as much as we loved him. Josh was like our son.

4. I always wanted 4 children. Two boys, and two girls. I have the two girls, but I guess I want get my boys unless God moves quickly. I will be 35 in a couple of weeks, and I always said I did not want to have children after that. Of course God could always change my mind.

3. My favorite meal would have to be a country meal. Roast, corn, Okra, butter beans.
Chicken comes in pretty close. I love any kind of chicken.

2. I hate to cook. I used to like it, but when I started homeschooling, and life got hectic, I hated it. I also have a picky husband, so it makes cooking hard. I much rather go out to eat, so I can get some things I like. One of my favorite place to eat is Chinese. I wonder why? LOL

1. I am a happy, stay at home mom with two beautiful girls, and a wonderful husband who treats me like a Queen. Life is great, but is going by to fast.

Now who do I want to tag??? I would pick many of the same ones that Jen picked, but I guess I can't do that. I will pick Connie, Sonya, Amy, Brooke, Rebecca, and Susan
Ohilda, and Tonya if they are not to busy. LOL I know you guys are getting ready to go to China, so I guess you can get out of this tag.
Of course I would pick Kelly, Heather, Mitchie, and Jen, but they have already been tagged. Love you all. Speaking of tags, I got tagged by Kelly several months ago, and I never did respond. Sorry Kelly. I think yours was 100 things about myself. That was to much to think on.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

New Invention

This is Kevin's new Invention that he made to please Brooke. She had a blast. Don't worry, the blade was not on. Also the video is not real clear because it is hard to tape a moving object that is going fast.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

My best Mother's Day gift is......

From my daughter. Check out her blog. Make sure you listen to the song she chose for me.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


My Righteousness I hold Fast, and I will Not let it go. Job:27:6

We had a very good message last night. Bro. Joseph had the lesson, and it was very good. The devil is so mean. He tries so hard to paint us pretty pictures, and cause us to not see the good. We have to keep our guard up against the devil. No matter what we face in life, what problems come our way, no matter what situation comes up that we don't understand, we have to hold to our righteousness.
My righteousness: I hold it, I guard it, and I am going to keep it.

"Lord help us each to keep our focus on you. Help us to hold our righteousness, guard it, and not let it go"

Kevin's Dream

Kevin just got up and I was telling him about my dream. He started grinning real big and said "Well I dreamed that we adopted from China also, last night."
I said "Are you serious?" Kevin was serious. I said " Maybe that is a sign from God."
Kevin says " The only sign from God is for him to drop $25,000 in our front yard. :(
I guess I need to pray that God will have to show us in a different way. I don't have that much faith. Of course I did not think to tell Kevin that God did not drop that much the last time. God supplied all the needs and there is no doubt in my mind that God wanted us to go to China.


I dreamed that we adopted this cute little boy from China. He was four years old. We named him Jason. He did not like his name, and he wanted us to call him Colton. I have no idea where that name came from. We decided if that was what he wanted his name to be that we would change it. He spoke very good English. He was so cute. He had short, curly black hair. He was suppose to been from China. Dreams sure can be strange.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Carter Blog

Check out this blog when you have a chance. Look at the two videos on there, and make sure you have some tissue.
I wish that we could go back to China and bring another child home. I know that if it is God's will he will supply the way. My heart has really been heavy with a special needs child. I am not on any groups to see the waiting children. I guess that is a good thing, because my heart would be crying out for them all.
Kevin says we are done. He is happy with his two girls. I am happy with the two girls that God blessed us with also. I just feel so strong to go back to China. I guess during these times we need to pray even harder for God to help us. Financially, I see no way. I know that if God has a little girl or boy that he wants us to adopt, then he will work out all the details. I don't even know why I have China on my mind so strong, unless it is because of Brooke. Who knows God may have other plans for us.

Pretty as a Flower

I love Spring time. The flowers are so beautiful. I would have to say Spring Time is my favorite time of the year. I thought the girls looked so pretty next to these beautiful trees.

"Wan't some mommy?"
Beautiful Girl


Monday, May 07, 2007

A little bit of my Sunshine


My Sweetheart.
Little Princess
Growing up to fast.
Sweet Kisses
My Sunshine.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spring Time

"Flowers for you"
Picking flowers for grandmother.
Sitting pretty.
Just Thinking.
Beautiful Girl.