Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Brooke looks a little scared.
Waiting for mommy.
I think she is happy, but a little unsure.

My baby started preschool today. I was a little sad, but I think this is best for Brooke right now. I am hoping it will help her to not be so clingy to me. I was scared that Brooke would not go, but she was very excited. When I told her about the class she was jumping up and down that she was getting to go to school. I told her that mommy would not be staying and she was fine with that. She would say, "I am going to school, all by myself."

Today was her first day. When we first got there Brooke seemed very scared. Brooke's teacher is black. Brooke seemed very scared of her. Brooke has not been around black people very much at all, so I don't know what was going through her mind.
I wanted to get a picture of Brooke with her teacher, but Brooke would not do it. I did not want to press the issue, because I did not want her to cry. I was able to snap a picture of Brooke's teacher, but it did not turn out good. Brooke looks a little mad in the picture.
When I picked Brooke up she seemed very happy and wanted to go back tomorrow. The only negative thing she said was that it was to hot when they played outside and she did not like that. I ask if she liked her teacher and she just shrugged her shoulders. I guess time will tell. She met some new friends, but of course Brooke was to shy to talk to them.:(

Brooke also had to get shots today. She had to have three shots because she was not caught up and she had to have them for school. She cried, but did pretty good. Please pray that she will not have bad side effects. Normally she has terrible side effects with very high fevers. God moved the last time, and I know he can again.

Courtney and I went to the park today and we did school there. We had a nice time. It was a small park and nobody was around us. We was able to get school done fast. HMMMM maybe we need to do this everyday.

Monday, September 29, 2008

First Curls

I braided Courtney's hair, so that it would be curly for church. Well Brooke wanted hers done. I told Brooke that I did not think her hair would hold a curl. Brooke was upset that she did not have braids, so I decided to try the braids on her. Normally a braid will fall out of her hair because of her hair texture. I made four braids for Brooke, and had no idea what her hair would look like the next day. I was so shocked when I took the braids out and saw her curls. I thought it looked cute, but I like straight hair better for Brooke.

The next morning.
Brooke and her curls.
Miss Priss

Friday, September 19, 2008

Growing Up


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First Time

Brooke climbed right up in the chair with a smile.
She started opening her mouth before the lady was ready.
Dental Floss
Dr. Carl
Beautiful little girl with clean teeth.
Fluoride Time
Gail and Brooke
Brooke went to the dentist today and she has no cavities. I was so proud of her. She has been begging to go to the dentist, but we were trying to wait until Kevin's dental insurance kicked in.
Brooke hopped up in the big chair and opened her mouth before the lady was even ready for her to. Brooke was smiling and was the best little girl. She was smiling and saying her teeth was shiny.
She did really good. "WAY TO GO BROOKIE"

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kitty Cat

Sampson playing
Courtney with her baby.
Look at that smile!!!
Precious.....ignore the foot in the picture. That was Brooke's I think.

We was able to find good homes for the kittens. After much pleading with her daddy, Courtney was able to keep the black kitten. He is so precious. I think Kevin likes the kitten also. Kevin got a mail box for Sampson today and said it could be his house.
I still sneeze if I play with Sampson to much. Kevin is laughing at me because every time we mention cats I sneeze. Believe it or not, I started sneezing as soon as I started posting this.

Birthday Cake

Happy Girls
Brooke mixing the cake.
Courtney mixing the cake.
Oh, no should I trust them with eggs?
Kevin with his cake. Brooke was in a VERY bad mood.
She had just woke up and she was not in the mood to eat or for pictures.

Here is some pictures of the girls baking their daddy his cake. They had fun. We ate at my parents house yesterday. My dad made Barbe Q. We was going to play some games, but my dad came in and informed us that gas had went up 50 cents since the morning. We jumped in our Durango which loves gas, and took off to the gas station. We filled up and was glad we did. Today the gas is even higher than yesterday.
Kevin had a nice birthday.

Brooke's Work

Here is some of Brooke's school work. She is doing pretty good about staying in line when she colors.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday

Sweet Picture
Kevin, and his two little darlings.
Making Brooke laugh.
Happy Birthday Kevin. I hope your day is really special, filled with love, laughter, and joy. Just like you make all of ours. We love you very much.
Love, Denna, Courtney, and Brooke

Friday, September 05, 2008

Funny Friday

I have to tell something funny that happened to me. This post is for Kelly and Mitchie. You guys know I am a very modest person. I have to tell you that this week you guys would have laughed at me. We have this very mean cat that has been coming to our house. I don't know if he belongs to anybody, or if he was dropped off like the other animals around here. This cat had my male cat down one night and would not let him up. When I tried to separate them the cat turned on me and was hissing and growling. The cat also bit and scratched my neighbor. As you can see WE DON'T LIKE THIS CAT.

Well yesterday I was sound asleep when I got woke up by this terrible thumping noise. I jumped out of bed and ran to our porch because that was where the noise was coming from. I saw gray hair flying and this cat and my big male orange cat was fighting. They made it down to the grass and was rolling all over the place. I grabbed a towel (which was the first thing I could find) and ran outside waving the towel in the air. I smacked the two cats with the towel and they separated. They did not separate for long. They was growling and still trying to fight. They both started fighting again and running toward the woods at the side of our house. Well I took off after them. I am swinging the towel and trying to hit the crazy cats. I suddenly realize that I am standing in the middle of my yard in my gown. The gown was a short one at that. I quickly wrap the towel around me and start easing back to the house, and silently praying for nobody to pass. I don't know if anybody passed by when I was fighting with the cats or not, but when I got back in the house I could not help but laugh at myself. I don't know if my neighbors was looking out their windows or not, but I bet they got a good laugh at me chasing these cats in my gown.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Time to Go

We are ready for a new home. The people here are really nice, but for some reason every time the lady comes to the garage she starts sneezing really bad. The little girl really likes us and I hear her tell her mommy that she wants us to stay. The older girl is in love with us kitty's. She even cried for one of us to stay, but her daddy said NO. I heard the man say he wanted his garage back that he was tired of having to park outside because of cats. :( We really are nice. We even use our litter box. Of course we are messy with our food, and the lady of the house is not to happy with having to clean up all our cat food. Something about us really makes this lady sneeze. She said it was time for us to go, so if anybody out there would like to take us in we would be so happy. Our little sister has already found a home and she is very happy.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Baby Kyle

"I want a piece of Gum."
"I will just have to get it myself."
Courtney and Kyle
Kyle, with the milk jug Kevin gave him.
Brooke, Kyle, and Austin
Brooke being Miss Helpful
Saturday Bonnie called and wanted to see if Courtney was interested in babysitting Kyle. Of course she wanted me here because Court is still young. LOL
Kyle was the best baby. He never cried. I think he was with us like 6 hours or more. He has not been around us, except at church. He acted like we was his best friends. He laughed, played, and was a great enjoyment. Bonnie made me get baby fever really bad......for a little boy.
When Kevin woke up he was surprised to find Kyle here. He fell in love with him also. Kevin emptied the milk and let Kyle play with the jug. He enjoyed that. The jug was almost as big as Kyle.
Brooke loved having Kyle here also. She would play with him. She was very protective over him. The only thing she did not like was for Kyle to go to her bed room. LOL She wanted him to stay in the play room with her. Brooke really needs a baby brother or sister. I found it so nice to not have Brooke begging me ALL day to play with her. She was happy and content playing with Kyle and her cousin Austin.