Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Brooke looks a little scared.
Waiting for mommy.
I think she is happy, but a little unsure.

My baby started preschool today. I was a little sad, but I think this is best for Brooke right now. I am hoping it will help her to not be so clingy to me. I was scared that Brooke would not go, but she was very excited. When I told her about the class she was jumping up and down that she was getting to go to school. I told her that mommy would not be staying and she was fine with that. She would say, "I am going to school, all by myself."

Today was her first day. When we first got there Brooke seemed very scared. Brooke's teacher is black. Brooke seemed very scared of her. Brooke has not been around black people very much at all, so I don't know what was going through her mind.
I wanted to get a picture of Brooke with her teacher, but Brooke would not do it. I did not want to press the issue, because I did not want her to cry. I was able to snap a picture of Brooke's teacher, but it did not turn out good. Brooke looks a little mad in the picture.
When I picked Brooke up she seemed very happy and wanted to go back tomorrow. The only negative thing she said was that it was to hot when they played outside and she did not like that. I ask if she liked her teacher and she just shrugged her shoulders. I guess time will tell. She met some new friends, but of course Brooke was to shy to talk to them.:(

Brooke also had to get shots today. She had to have three shots because she was not caught up and she had to have them for school. She cried, but did pretty good. Please pray that she will not have bad side effects. Normally she has terrible side effects with very high fevers. God moved the last time, and I know he can again.

Courtney and I went to the park today and we did school there. We had a nice time. It was a small park and nobody was around us. We was able to get school done fast. HMMMM maybe we need to do this everyday.


Melanie said...

Hey Denna, I'm glad you're back! I hope you all had a great time at the campmeeting!
I love the new pictures,and wow Brooke started preschool! Seems like shelikes it:)
Lots of hugs,

AlabamaBrands said...

WOW! What a big day !

Kelly said...

No fair! When were you going to tell me about her going to SCHOOL?!?! Yay Brookie!

Tiffany said...

School in the park sounds like so much fun!

Brooke looks like such a big girl going to preschool...
They sure do grow up quickly don't they?

LucisMomma said...

Denna, that must have been a hard decision. There is a church preschool on the way to town here and I've thought it probably would be a good idea for Luci. Having two older boys (one who gets cranky fast!) then one very active 3 (almost 4!) yo tearing the house up, it is hard to do lessons.

I'm so glad that Brooke had a good day and wants to go back. :)