Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Baby Kyle

"I want a piece of Gum."
"I will just have to get it myself."
Courtney and Kyle
Kyle, with the milk jug Kevin gave him.
Brooke, Kyle, and Austin
Brooke being Miss Helpful
Saturday Bonnie called and wanted to see if Courtney was interested in babysitting Kyle. Of course she wanted me here because Court is still young. LOL
Kyle was the best baby. He never cried. I think he was with us like 6 hours or more. He has not been around us, except at church. He acted like we was his best friends. He laughed, played, and was a great enjoyment. Bonnie made me get baby fever really bad......for a little boy.
When Kevin woke up he was surprised to find Kyle here. He fell in love with him also. Kevin emptied the milk and let Kyle play with the jug. He enjoyed that. The jug was almost as big as Kyle.
Brooke loved having Kyle here also. She would play with him. She was very protective over him. The only thing she did not like was for Kyle to go to her bed room. LOL She wanted him to stay in the play room with her. Brooke really needs a baby brother or sister. I found it so nice to not have Brooke begging me ALL day to play with her. She was happy and content playing with Kyle and her cousin Austin.


Kelly said...

Don't dooooo this to yourself!

Denna said...

I know.:( I had a few comments for you, but I decided I would be nice.:)
Some days are worse than others Kel.
Today is one of those days.

BONNIE said...

denna thoughs pictures are so sweet. It really looked like brook enjoyed him. I do not leave my kids much but i do have dr appointments sometimes, maybe i will call you one day and thank you again for keeping him for me i will say i did not worry at all with him at your house and please do not do that to your self like kelly said we love and appreciate you.

Denna said...

Bonnie, It is a joke between me and Kelly. Kyle was great. Kelly was saying that because I told her the other day that I have it committed about us having more children. I said that every once in awhile I really want more, but most of the time I am o.k with not having more.
If you noticed....Kelly had a wink at the end of her post. It really is a joke between us.
I will be glad to keep Kyle again.

BONNIE said...

ok I am not good at all this sign stuff or punctation i am learning though thanks

LucisMomma said...

hee hee hee! Boys are FUN! (and cheaper to dress!)