Saturday, April 29, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Happy 40th Anniversary to my wonderful parents. I am so thankful for the 40 years that they have had together. In today's society, people just don't stay together long. I know of two different people who was married less than 3 months and they ended up in a divorce. I consider that very sad. I am proud that my parents have stayed together. I know that being saved is what has helped them.
Things was not always good. Before my parents got saved their life was starting to go down hill. My dad was a big drinker and smoker. I was to young to remember these things, but I have heard about them. My parents marriage was not going good at all. They was already considering a divorce. God looked down on two people and showed them that there was a better way. God started dealing with my parents in 1974. They both got saved in April 1974. God took two lives and put them together again.
For two years my parents went to church and tried to live right. There was something missing from their life. They felt that surely God had something more for them. My parents go so sick of seeing the people they went to church with living sinful lives. They saw people who was suppose to be saved doing things that was not holy. One thing I remember my parents telling was, they was at church and this guy got up to sing. The guy that got up to sing was drunk. He had to be held up by somebody else. People thought he was sick. My dad thought the guy was drunk, but he did not want to accuse anybody. Later on they found out the guy was drunk. Here somebody is suppose to be singing for God, and they are drunk. That is sad.
My dad had been delivered from drinking and smoking when he got saved. As I said earlier, my parents was sick of seeing people who was suppose to be saved living just any way they wanted. God started showing my parents a better way. In September 1976 my parents found the beautiful Church Of God. My parents found something to take care of their sin problem. They found a body of people who was living Holy. This still holds true for today. If you get your sin problem taking care of then God will help you with any problems you have. Not only will God help you, but he will bless you. I am so thankful that my parents found something that satisfied them. I appreciate that they raised me the way they did. I have no regrets for the life they lived or for the life I have chosen. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I love you both very much.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Night Terrors

Brooke did really good for about a month with her sleep. It was so nice to be able to sleep and not get woke up a dozen times. The past few nights Brooke has slept terrible. She has woke up screaming for me. She is crying and saying "momma, momma momma." It is so sad. I will go to her and tell her mommy is here, but she is so scared. She has ended up in our bed the past few nights. Brooke has also got where she does not want me to leave her for a minute. I think this all started Friday night when I left her with my parents. Kevin and I took Courtney and Allison to a play at Fantasy. The play was very good. ( Aladdin) We had a great time.
The next day I had a wedding shower I was doing for my niece. Brooke was with me, but somebody else had to watch her while I served. I think it has been to much for her. Brooke clings to me. If we are at the house she is pulling on me and saying momma. Normally Brooke loves her grandparents, but the past few days she don't want them to touch her. If somebody comes up and talks to Brooke she will say" No, No" and cling to me. She is so afraid I am going to leave her. I guess I should not have left her Friday night. I thought she would be O.K. It is so hard not knowing what she is feeling. I never knew Brooke would love me so much. I am thankful, but some days I wish she would share her love with others. Lately when she won't let anybody touch her I call her "Miss Touch Me Not." Brooke was just getting to the point that she would let others hold her and talk to her. If she thinks you are fixing to take her away from her mommy she gets very upset. I guess that is all for tonight. I am hoping for a good night of rest.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Looking Back

It has been a week since I posted. I know I need to do better. Things have been busy around our place. Sunday we had a great day. We ate dinner with my parents. My sister and her little boy came up. We don't believe in the Easter Bunny. The children did hunt some eggs for fun. Tuesday night we played Rook with some Friends. We had a really fun time.
Most of my week has been doing school and trying to prepare for a wedding shower for my niece. I have been pretty busy.
There is a terrible virus going on around our area. It is a pretty bad one. I hope it stays away from us. Almost everybody in Church has got it. We sure don't want the stuff.
I did put some of our China Pictures in our Photo album if you want to look.
As I was going through these pictures I could not believe how much Brooke has changed. Brooke has done so well with us. She bonded right away to us. As I looked at the Gotcha Day pictures, I saw this scared little baby. This little baby had terrible chapped skin, and a terrible runny nose. I remember when I first saw Brooke how I thought she was beautiful. I can remember taking her in my arms and how she looked at me. She did not cry at first. She just looked at me. I kissed her and hugged her. I did not care that she had a runny nose. I did not care about her chapped little cheeks. I had my baby in my arms. Nothing matter at that point. I had my girl, and I loved her. I had loved her for so many months. The love I felt that day when she was placed into my arms was something I will never forget. Several babies started crying. Brooke started crying. I hugged her and loved her. She cried so much that I was afraid she would be sick. Kevin told me to give her a passy. I did. The passey was a great comfort to her. I gave her a duck and a photo album. Brooke clung to those things. Brooke's nanny wanted to hold her. I gave her to the nanny. Brooke looked so confused. There was something in her eyes that made me feel she knew I loved her. She kept looking at me like" take me back." I did take her in my arms and the bonding started.
When we got back to the motel Brooke loved the toys, and she seemed to love all of us. We went out to eat at McDonalds and Brooke loved it. Brooke still likes it today. As I looked at the Gotcha Day Pictures I realized how much Brooke has became a very Happy Little Girl. It seems like so long a go when those pictures was taken. They were only 4 and a half months ago. God has blessed us so much. God gave me so many of my desires for Brooke. I know I missed her first smile and some of her first things, but I got to see a few first things. I got to see her first tooth. I got to see her take her first step. I got to hear her first words. I got to receive the first kiss from her. I also got to hear her sweet words "I love ou" To hear her tell me that was the best feeling. Today Brooke kept tugging on my skirt saying "Momma. my momma, momma" Those was beautiful words to me. I love this little girl so much. God gave us the perfect little girl.
I wish I had got her sooner, but I have to trust God knew what was best. I will never know what went on in the orphanage. I may never know if Brooke got kisses or hugs. I may never know if she was tucked in at night. One thing I do know is Brooke has got so many kisses,hugs, love, and happiness the past 4 months. We will continue to give her as many kisses and hugs as we can.
Goodbye until the next time

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Sweet Words

I tell my girls I love them everyday. Those are three words that I never get tired of saying or hearing. Most of the time Brooke just looks at me. She might smile or she might not. I thought before it sounded like she said love, but I was not for sure. Today I told her that I loved her and she said "Love, Love" I was so proud of her. I kept telling her that I loved her. At one point Brooke said "love ou" She has not got the I Love You down yet, but I don't think it will be long. Those are the sweetest words. I never dreamed Brooke would be saying "I love you" so soon.
I told Kevin and Brooke heard me so she says "Love ou" again. Kevin got to hear her also. I have to say I am proud to be the first one she said it to.

Friday, April 14, 2006


Brooke sometimes picks a bad time to go to sleep. Kevin did not have to work so he wanted us all to go eat Pizza. We go to Pizza Hut to eat. Brooke was very loud and hyper. I guess Brooke burned a lot of energy in Pizza Hut. After eating pizza we decide to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries. Kevin hates to shop so he decides to just go look around. I decide to take the girls with me. As soon as Kevin leaves Brooke starts whining and getting very fussy. Her head falls forward. I am thinking please don't go to sleep now. She is starting to cry. I pick her up and her head falls on my shoulder. In a matter of 15 seconds she is gone. WOW I wish I could go to sleep that fast. I am carrying 20 pounds and trying to push a buggy. What can I do to make this easier? I am passing the comforters, sheets, and that type of thing when I see my answer. (PILLOWS) I put a pillow in the buggy and then a softer one on that. I then lay Brooke in the buggy. Brooke never budged. She was sound asleep. Groceries??? Where am I going to put the groceries? CELL PHONE!!! Aren't they wonderful? I call Kevin and tell him to meet me. Kevin meets me with his own buggy, which is pretty full. (I thought he did not like to shop) I have to move the stuff Kevin has got to make room for the groceries. Brooke gets a good nap. She wakes up after rolling off the pillow and not being on something soft anymore. Brooke is just like my dad. If she sleeps for just a little bit she wakes up and she is wide awake. She woke up very wired and ready to get down and go. She had her squeaky shoes on so half the store hears her and stares. This black family is staring at us when the man ask" Is she mixed" I said "What?" He ask again" is she Mixed?" O.K are we talking about paint here or a puppy. Is She mixed? What kind of question is that? Later I think of many things to say. I wish I had thought in time to say " No she is not mixed. There is her dad" Kevin was coming up about the time the conversation started. I just smiled and said"She is from China" I have had people ask me If Brooke was adopted, but never is she mixed. I guess people get so curious that they don't think. Brooke don't understand now. I dread when she is older and people ask questions. I guess I can just say " We are a Chinese American Happy Family" That is a true statement. Many times I don't think about Brooke being adopted. I may not have carried Brooke in my womb for 10 months, but I carried her in my heart for 15. She has been a blessing to our family. I can't even describe the love I have for her. Kevin is always telling me he loves me to China and back. I guess that is how much I love both of my girls and more.
While I was shopping I bought these popsicles that are called "Mighty Magic MINIS" They are perfect for little hands. If you have never tried them they are great. Brooke loved them and they fit in her hand perfect. Give them a try.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Day At the Park

SAT test was over. Courtney and I was both so glad. After the test several of us went to the park. We got pizza and let the children play. Courtney had a great time. Brooke also had fun. I let Brooke wear her squeaky shoes, so it was really easy to keep up with her. Brooke loves the outside. Brooke's friend Caden Carter was there and I took some sweet pictures of them. Caden knows who Brooke is. It is so sweet the way he lights up when he sees Brooke. Caden will point and smile and chatter something. (Shhhh I think he likes her. )
The weather was so nice today. I enjoyed being outside for a change.
Kelly and Heather I think we are going to have to set up a day or night to help me with this blog. LOL I have already posted one message and added a picture and lost it. So I am not going to post much for now. It took me forever to type the first post. Brooke is ready for bed and she has to have mommy to rock her. For now good night.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Brooke is having a hard time with sharing. She does not like to share. Everything is "MINE" to her. Today Courtney went for SAT test again. Brooke and I had a mommy and Brooke day. I get Brooke's doll and stuffed dog and play food out. I place the food, and we act like we are eating it. Brooke is doing great. She is playing and I am snapping pictures. Brooke has 3 play cookies. I decide to let her dog have one. I say " Brooke your doggie wants a cookie" I then place the cookie in the dogs paw. Brooke snatched the cookie away and made some little sound. I then give the dog another cookie, and tell Brooke we have to share. Brooke is very upset at this point and grabs her cookie back. Brooke is crying so hard. I had to take a picture. I am going to try and post them, but this is different than my other site so I may not be able to. I know Brooke is also ill because of her teeth. We had a fun day even if she did not want to share her cookies. I left the room to do a few things. When I came back in Brooke had done made a huge mess with all the toys. Her imagination is not very good right now. LOL
I also went to a step aerobics class today. It was really fun. I was so tired when we got through. It is really fun though. It kind of takes your mind off of things for awhile.
Well I have got to finish supper for my hubby and children so I guess that is all for now.

Monday, April 10, 2006

What A Day!

What a Day!!
This has been a very hectic day. Courtney started her SAT test today. I will be so glad when they are over. These test have made me so nervous. Courtney is also nervous. I am trying to tell her to think positive. I know it is hard on her. I felt like it was her first day of school. We had to drop her off for the test. It felt strange not to be with her during school. As a homeschool mom I am with her all day and night. This was very weird to not be there for her. She came home and hugged me and said she missed me so much. That made me feel good.
Brooke has been a pill ALL day. She is cutting 4 teeth and they are giving her a fit. She has cried most of the day. She does not want anything to eat. (except her hand) She has chewed on her fingers all day. Poor baby. I know she feels really yucky.
I am trying to start this blog because I am about out of space on my site. Feel free to still visit the site. I plan on doing most of my posting here from now on. Heather Brand showed me her blog and got me interested in doing one. I will try to post everyday, but I am making no promises. Some days I barely have time to check my messages.
I guess for now I will stop. I have to get the girls ready for bed.