Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009


This is our dog Boomer. Boomer has a very long story. We got Boomer awhile back. I had lost a good bit of sleep before we got Boomer just because I was worried about the decision of a inside dog. The lady that had Boomer was getting rid of him because she was single and she did not have time for Boomer anymore. Boomer was crated almost all day and the lady felt he needed another dog or a family that could give him more attention. Boomer came with many things. He has his own toy box full of toys. He came with His crate and the cover and bumper pads for the crate. Gates to keep him in one area came with him. He had been fixed. He came with his own toothbrush, paste, food, and snacks. The best thing Boomer was trained. I knew I would not have to go through the training and that was great. When Boomer got to our house Brooke was so scared of him. She would not get off the couch. Courtney started sneezing and breaking out. I was like very stressed. So I said Boomer had to go. After I advertised him I had two people that wanted him. The one lady had children and she wanted Boomer. The problem was by the time she got him my girls had done fell in love with Boomer. I felt we was making the right choice to let Boomer go to a new home.
It was a bad mistake. Brooke grieved for days and days. Courtney did also but not like Brooke. Brooke would beg for Boomer back. I told her we could not take somebody else's dog that
Boomer had a new place to live. Everyday for a month Brooke would talk about Boomer. I was feeling like a terrible mom. Brooke would say in the sweetest voice, "It is your fault mommy that Boomer is gone." I felt terrible. After about 2 weeks I started praying that if Boomer was meant for us that God would work something out for us to get him back. I knew I would never find a deal like I had got with Boomer. I also knew that the lady who bought Boomer loved him. I would email her to see how he was. She always talked about how much they love him and how well he was doing. I also saw pictures of her daughter with Boomer and you could tell she loved him. I was still dealing with tears from my girls. I tried to tell them that we needed to go on and forget Boomer, but I still had that nagging feeling that he was meant for us.
I continued to pray about it. I thought I would give it one more shot and ask the lady how it was going. It had been a month at this point. She told me it was going great that they adored Boomer. The lady also knew that I wanted first choice if she ever did get rid of Boomer. Two days after I emailed her she emailed me and told me that they were going to have to let Boomer go. I will not go into the details, on here, but basically there was some problems and their daughter was not ready for a inside dog.
The lady even told me that if I had been praying that it was working.
So we went and got Boomer and did not tell Brooke. Courtney was thrilled. She went with me to pick Boomer up. He remembered us. When we got him home he remember where the door was and everything. When Brooke walked in and saw Boomer she started laughing and smiling and I knew everything was just right. Boomer has became my girls best friend. He has some areas that need working on but he is perfect for us. My main thing I don't like is Boomer barks terrible when company comes over. That is a area we have got to improve. I did not tell all the details with Boomer because it would take forever, but I do believe he was meant for us.