Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lake Winnepesaukah

We went to Lake Winnepsaukah when we went camping. We had a really great time. It is a great place to go. The children had a blast. The food is not expensive like most parks. It is a great place for family. Both girls want to go back.
I hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks Heather for helping me figure this out.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sick Brooke

Many people from our church went to Florida for a Church Campmeeting. Many of them brought back a virus. Kevin's mom got sick on Sunday night. Brooke was around her Sunday Evening.
Tonight at Church Brooke had to go potty. As soon as she went to potty I thought she might be getting this virus. Sure enough Brooke has it. I had to leave church because Brooke had a accident.
She was so upset. Brooke has been potty trained for over a year now, and this made Brooke mad and sad. I told her that she could not help it that a virus will effect you like that.
When I got home I found some pull ups that I had kept just in case I ever needed them. Brooke did not like that at all. She was crying and wanting her daddy. She said "I not wear diapers no more." I told her that she was a big girl and that these was just to help in case she could not make it to the potty. After several trips to the bathroom she decided that the pull up was not to bad. LOL
I can't help but laugh at her. She will jump up and say "Mom I got that virus again." She will run to the potty. So far she has not had any more accidents.
She is so funny. She keeps asking me if I have the virus. Then she will say, " Does Mama have the virus?" I don't know if she really understands what is happening to her.
I just hope and pray that this don't go through the whole family and that Brooke is better tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I know that things can happen very fast. I guess sometimes it is hard to imagine how fast. Brooke saw something today that I don't know if it was good for her or not. I hate that it happened, but maybe it will help Brooke.
My neighbor got a kitten yesterday. It was not real little, but it was not full grown either.
Our cats go across the road all the time. They go to my neighbors house and play with her cats or get fed by her. This lady loves cats. I think she has 10 in the house. She will take any cat that is in need. She has a real love for these cats.
She had found this kitten yesterday and she was giving it a new home. Kevin, Brooke, and I was outside. Kevin said. "That little kitty is following Morris." I turned to look and I saw a car go flying by. The next thing I saw was this kitty bouncing all over the road. It was a pretty gruesome thing to see. My heart sank, because there was nothing I could do. The kitty died.
This situation made me weak. I tried to explain to Brooke that we never go near the road. I told her that even if her ball rolled into the road, not to go after it. Brooke has never got near the road unless we are with her, but I hope this will be a lesson to her not to ever go near the road.
This situation showed me how fast something can happen. This beautiful little kitty was rubbing up against our cat, and was looking up at Morris so sweet. The kitty did not know the danger of being in the road. The kitty did not know that in one second her life would be over.

I thought about this a good bit and it makes me realize even more that we have to be careful in our walk with God. We can not get to careless and start letting things creep into our life that will cause us to stumble or fall. Seeing how quick the cat died, made me think of the devil. The devil will tempt us and try to bring things against us to cause us to sin. The devil is a real conman. He will paint us these pretty pictures and make things look so appealing. We have to resist and fight to stay saved. If we give the devil a inch he will take a mile and just in the blink of a eye our life could be ruined.
One thing I have learned about the devil is that he never gives up on us. If the devil can not get us in one area he will bring something else up against us.
Many times it is these mind battles that we have to resist more than anything. When the devil is tempting us and trying to cause us to fall he does not show the other side of the picture. His picture that he paints will be beautiful, but it is the end results that the devil don't show us.
The devil don't show you the bitterness, sorrow, trouble, and strife. The devil don't show you the nights that you lay in your bed with no peace. The devil don't show you the many things that sin will bring.
We have to walk very careful and keep in mind that danger could just be around the corner if we are not careful.
The situation with the kitty made me realize how fast things could happen. I tried to explain to Brooke about the road and how careful we have to be. I was only doing this post about that, but then I then started thinking on the spiritual part of life and God just gave me some thoughts on how careful we have to be with our salvation.

Saturday, June 21, 2008


Beautiful View
We was hot after the long hike down.
Courtney, Brooke, and Jacob
Brooke, Kevin, and Me

Here is some pictures of our trip to Cloudland. We went camping and had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect. I have tons more pictures of our day at the Amusement Park. I will have to do a slide show because there is to many pictures. My little Brooke looks so grown in the last picture.:(

Friday, June 20, 2008

Two New Babies

So far Sugar has two babies. Last night she dug out of the pen. I could not find her anywhere. I was so upset because I knew it was getting close for her to have her puppies.
Kevin and Courtney found her in our shed. She has had two so far. I don't know if we should leave her in the shed or move her back to the pen.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Summer Treasures

Looking in their Treasure Box
Holding some coupons up.
Holding bug Catchers up.
Summer Treasures
Some of their treasures.
Courtney and Brooke finding their Treasure Box.

I wanted to do something fun for the girls this summer. I came up with Summer Treasures. I think I will start doing this every summer. I found these treasure boxes and I filled them with fun things to do this summer. I told the girls they could not take everything out at once. There is plenty of fun things to do. Once everything is gone I might feel the boxes again and try doing a treasure box on chore and behavior charts. I am not for sure how I will do that. I did this with Courtney when she was younger and we had mommy bucks. The only thing it was little red, blue, yellow, and green coins. If she had so many coins at the end of the week she got a surprise. I will work on that and maybe try it when school starts. For now, I just want the girls to enjoy their Summer Treasures.
They was so happy when they opened the boxes this morning. Courtney was squealing over the coupons I made for mommy time and a play date with friends. Brooke was excited about her ice cream coupon and her paint. She is ready to paint now. I let them choose two things out of the box today. They both chose their bug catcher and paint.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Little Helper

My Little helper wants to help, but there is a problem..................It puts more work on me. :)
Brooke was so happy that she cleaned her room. The room looked really good, except everything was put in her doll bed.
I also looked on my recliner and discovered that my little helper was cleaning up again.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Three Year Old Check Up

Brooke was to busy clowning for pictures.

Brooke had her three year check up last week. Yes, We are 5 months late on it, but it was not our fault. I had her a appointment months back and the nurse called and changed it. Supposedly Brooke's Doctor was not going to be in the office. They said they was giving me the first available, but I don't think I really believe they did.
Dr. Patz said that Brooke was doing beautiful. :)
He said she was under weight but just right in height. He said not to worry about the weight that it was not that bad and that she looked great. She has been potty trained for over a year now and I think the nurse thought that was excellent. We sure have enjoyed not buying pull ups and diapers.
Brooke eats all the time, so I don't know why she is so little. Her Doctor said she was going to be tall and skinny.

Fun With Friends

Jacob and Courtney
Talking to Chuckee

Playing a game at Chuckee Cheese
Brooke and Libby playing a game.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Girls are going to Be Big Sisters.

The girls are so excited that they are going to be big sisters. Now don't get excited everybody. I know many of you are wanting us to have a brother for the girls, but we are done unless God shows us different.
Do you remember my post about the twilight bark?
Well sure enough Sugar is fat as can be and she is expecting puppies any day. I am not happy at all about it. The girls think it is the best thing since chocolate candy. Everyday Brooke will ask if the puppies are here yet. Kevin had to move our small pen and put Sugar in it, because we don't want her having the puppies in the big fence with the other dogs. This has already been so much trouble.
I know the girls are going to want to keep the puppies. We have said a firm NO to that. I am just hoping that Sugar will only have two or three and we can get rid of them quick. The bad thing is I don't know what dog is the daddy. I hope it is the little black dog that dug into the fence. If not, then Sugar was running around with a black Lab. Sugar was out of the fence for several hours, so I don't know what kind of puppies she will end up with.
I will keep you updated on this and if you want a puppy I will gladly share with you.

Meet Sugar

Monday, June 09, 2008

God is So Good

God has been so good to us this weekend. I have to share a few things that has happened.

Courtney is very good about keeping up with her Library books. For some reason this week she lost one. We searched the house and could not find it. We searched our vehicles and could not find it. Courtney wanted me to pray. I prayed and asked God to please help us find it.

After much searching we finally decided that we would have to pay for the book.

I had bought Kevin some pants at Goodys. I went to take the pants out of the bag and there was the Library book and a brush. For some reason the book got put in this bag. I am so thankful that God helped us to find it before we went to pay for it.

The other thing is a great blessing. I was on my way to church last night, when I had something terrible happen. The air was blowing through my vents and something blew in my eye. I wear gas permeable lens and I can not see with out my contacts or glasses. I pulled into this drive way and I popped the contact out. When I tried to put it back in the contact fell between my seat and the console. I could not see. I did not have my cell phone. I sent Courtney up to the people's trailer to ask if she could use their phone to call her dad. The people was not at home.

I could not see to find the contact or to drive. My house was like a mile away and I decided surely I could make it that far. I told the children I was going to drive very slow and if they saw a dog, car, or person to let me know. God helped me to make it home.

Courtney got my glasses and we searched for the contact. It was no where to be found. It is very hard to find something that is smaller than a dime and that is barely tinted.

I knew that now was not a good time to have lost the contact. The type I have to wear is not cheap. We are suppose to go on vacation this week, and that was making me sad to know I had to wear my glasses that I can't see to well out of.

I got to church and could not concentrate because I really needed to find the contact.

I was praying that God would help me find the contact. I knew that it would take God to help me find something that small.

Kevin told me he was going to go check and see if he could find it.

It was almost like something told me to go check one more time. When I got to our vehicle Kevin said, " We might as well forget it. There is no way we can find it without a bright light, and even then I don't think we can."

Kevin went back into church. I was praying for God to help me. I knew that God knew where the contact was.

I put my hand under my seat and felt. I found paper, little rocks and some more stuff. I ran my hand slowly back and forth and I felt something that felt like my contact. I grabbed it and brough it out. IT WAS MY CONTACT. I was smiling, rejoicing and praising God for directing my hand on where it was at. I know God did that for me. I have had a contact lost in a car before and it was never found. I appreciate that God took time for us this weekend and helped us in both situations.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Melanie.
On this very special day I would like to say to you
I hope you always find happiness in whatever you do.
Wishing you a Happy Birthday and many more to come.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Charlie bit my finger - again !

I got this from a friends blog. I hope it makes you smile as much as it did me. Very sweet.


Just a quick update to let you know I am still here. This has been a very busy week. We have been in Vacation Bible School. I have been coming home from VBS very tired. Many nights I would be working on VBS after I came home. I am not complaining because I know it was all done for good.
God blessed so much this year. Even though I am very wore out physically, I can see God's hand on this VBS. Tonight is our program. I know God is going to bless in this also.

Brooke has really missed her mommy. She has been a terrible three. LOL I think she is doing everything she can for attention because I have been so busy. My mom has been a true blessing to me this meeting. She has kept Brooke for me and had lunch fixed many days when I came home.
I came home today to find my kitchen all cleaned up. Mom came over and cleaned some for me.
I have the best mom in the world. :)
Thanks Mom.
That is all for now.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Sunday, June 01, 2008

It is Happening again

I have been down this road before and now it is happening again. Brooke told me that she really wanted a sister. :(
I was in such shock to hear this from her. I said "Uh, Well you will have to talk to Jesus about that."
Courtney says. " Oh I already have been. I told Him that I wanted a brother really bad. In fact I told him I wanted two."Brooke quickly says "I not want a brother, I want a sister."
Kevin and I don't want any more children. ( I don't think) :)
I guess it is not up to us though, so I will just say what ever God wants, and tell the girls to keep talking to God about it.