Saturday, May 31, 2008

Tribute to Maria Chapman

Pay It Forward

Daleea from Jewels of my heart had an invitation to participate in Paying it Forward.

I love the idea & want to give it a whirl!!
How does it work? Here are the rules:

I will send a gift (of my choosing!) to the first 3 people who leave a comment on my blog requesting to join this "PIF" exchange, & who make the same pledge on their blog.

The only thing you have to do in return is PAY IT FORWARD - on your own blog.
So, if you want a goodie from me & you are willing to do the same on your blog, let me know!

(Note that you will need to give me your snail mail address, which we can work out over private email!!)

Friday, May 30, 2008

A day at the Park

Brooke looking up at Courtney.
Michael and Austin clowning.

Liz, Michael, and Austin

Two little Darlings
Michael being kind and playing with Brooke.
Me with my children and my sister with her children.

Last week we went to the park after my nephew's Kindergarten graduation. I have been so busy that I forgot to post pictures. We had a nice time. I enjoyed having my niece and her boyfriend go to the park with us.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Today was my birthday, but it did not really seem like it. I got up this morning and went to Bible School. God blessed us and we had a good day. The children seemed to have a wonderful time and that made me happy to see them happy.
The teachers could feel Gods strength as we went through the day.
I came home from Bible School very tired. Kevin wanted to take me out for my birthday. I chose Mexican. It was very good. Kevin and Courtney did not like it at all.
My parents did not want to go which made me a little sad because they always do something for my birthday. I know they have been sad with the death of our friend so I tried not to be to sad that they did not want to go out for my birthday.
I came home from eating and got ready for the funeral. I hate that the funeral was on my birthday. I will be reminded of this the rest of my life when my birthday comes. I am trying so hard to think on the good times with Karen and the happy memories. I will never forget the good memories of this wonderful lady that I loved. She will be missed so much.
Even though this was not the best birthday, I have to say thanks to those who tried to make it special. Thanks Sis, Becky for the cake. Thanks Sis. Katie for the balloon. Thanks, Melanie for the sweet birthday post. Thanks to everybody that sent a birthday wish. Thanks to my wonderful husband and girls for the gift. Thanks to my Mother-n-law for the money and for going with me to eat chicken lasagna. Thanks mom and dad for the money.
Now I have to go give Brooke a bath and get ready for church. WOW this has been a busy birthday.
I don't want to fail to say "Thank you God for letting me live another year."

Monday, May 26, 2008

In Spite of it All

In spite of it all, God's still blessing.
In spite of it all, My God still cares.
And He is still changing lives,
He's working miracles each day.
In spite of it all, He answers prayer.

Verse 1
I know there's coming a day, I'll hear him calling.
Up to a land that's been prepared for the pure and the free.
Oh, the test and the trials, the burdens and all,
I'll leave them behind me when I hear Him call,
Praise God, I know I'm going to make it home,
In spite of it all.

Verse 2
As things come against your life, and cause you to tremble.
Do the cares of this life try to bring you down as Satan pulls?
Oh, Just lift up your head, and remember one thing,
Never loose hope for you've been redeemed,
just wait for His touch, in spite of it all,
You're a child of the King!


Verse 3
When people around you fail, to just keep on walking.
Your friends or your loved ones too, the hurt is so deep.
Oh, but don't you forget what God's done for you,
He's freed you from sin, and now He'll see you through,
Keep your eyes on the goal, and don't give up the fight,
In Spite of it all.


Sunday, May 25, 2008

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tic Tac Toe

I got this from Lauren's blog. Enjoy playing. I don't think you can win.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This is a terrible tragedy. Read here for article.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Girls Day Out

My best friend took me out for my birthday. My birthday is not until next week, but we knew it would be hectic with the kids being out of school and Vacation Bible School starting.
I had the best time. We got baby sitters and made a day out of it. We went to Rosie's Cantina to eat and it was so good. We then went to the mall and shopped some.
The part I liked best was being able to sit in a restaurant and be able to talk with out having the kids jumping all over the place and talking over us.
It was really nice to be able to sit and talk. Lori and I go way back. We were best friends all through school.
We double dated together. We have always stayed close. We always said we would stick together and remain best friends. Of course marriage and having children has made that not so easy.
We have said many times that we need to get together more, but it seems like it never happens.
We have decided that the year we turn 40 we are going to go to the Smokies or do something fun together. Of course we have several years before we hit 40.
I took my camera, but I did not take pictures. :(

Thanks Lori. I had a GREAT day.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mother's Day Tea

Moms and their daughters. (Click to make bigger)
Brooke coloring her picture. Wren is looking at the camera. She is a little friend that Brooke met and liked.
Brooke looking surprised.
Brooke enjoying her fruit.

Yesterday our local FWCC group had a Mother's Day Tea. Brooke and I went to it. We had a nice and relaxing time. Courtney did not want to go. I think she feels like she is to old to go. She also wanted to go to a friends house.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

And We Complain about gas.

There is tons more pictures, but I did not feel it would be good to post them. Just these pictures has left me weak. This situation in China has really bothered me. Every time I think about it or see pictures I get tears in my eyes.

Having to Evacuate

Grieving parents.

Many of us Americans have complained and whined because things did not go our way. Many have been down and depressed because of money, jobs, school, sickness, and different things.
Many of us have felt like "what else can go wrong?"
Many have said when it rains it pours.(I have)
The gas prices and food prices have made many of us Americans complain and fuss.

I know myself that the gas prices and food prices have not made me the happiest camper. I stopped today and I thanked God for the gas, the food, my family, my health, my home, my vehicles, and for being alive.

I have been thinking about the earthquake in China and it grieves me. Kevin and I both cried this afternoon. As I saw pictures of the things going on in China I felt such sadness.
Many parents have lost a child or family member. There is so many that don't have a home. So many lost everything they had. So many don't know where they are going to go.
I could see the people running to get away from the dams that was about to break. Older people being carried by their children. I saw one picture of this man carrying his 75 year old mom to safety. I saw one lady who lost her daughter and her granddaughter. I saw pictures of arms and hands sticking out from rubble. I saw body bags after body bags being buried. I sat in my chair and I cried. I cried for so many things. We will never understand why this terrible tragedy happened. As I looked at the faces of those who made it out alive and the faces of those who lost a loved one, I ask myself if any of those could be Brooke's relatives.
I saw the pictures of the children in the school before the earthquake. 24 hours before many of them died, they was running and jumping. They was playing ball and laughing. They never knew what the next day was going to be. Moms and dads did not know that they would never see their child again. So many are still buried under that rubble.
The after shocks have been bad. I saw many people sitting under a tent, because they lost their house. Many of the people did not have much to start with, and now they have nothing. I saw some people who had a couple of blankets and some who had a few dishes. Many have no food or water.
I have cried on and off all evening.
Kevin and I both was thinking the same thing.......And we complain about gas. We have nothing to complain about. If you find yourself complaining this week, or getting depressed, or being sad because milk is $5.00, and eggs have doubled in price, or you are stressed from this or that
or being sad because you think God has not healed your body when you thought he should or anything else that comes to your mind............STOP and think about China. I think it will make you look at life a little different. Things.....could be much worse.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thursday, May 15, 2008


How will I survive this summer? We have been out of school for a week and things are crazy around here.
The girls have fussed everyday. Everyday I have had to hear Brooke say, " That is mine. I had it first. Court want play with me. Mom play with me. Move Court, I had it first hahaha. You can't have it. Mom, Court not let me in her room. Mom play puzzles with me, play dolls with me, play pet shop with me."

I have a headache. I can't play with Brooke for a few minutes. It has to be all day long and I don't have all day long to play. I told her today that I was not her play mate that she was going to have to start learning to play with her toys by herself. I can't even go to the bathroom with out her following me.

Then there is Courtney. Oh my head hurts thinking about her attitude. This is what I hear all day long. Brooke leave my stuff alone. Brooke STOP IT. I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH IT.
Mom, make Brooke leave my stuff alone. I am bored. I want something to read. I can't play any fun games on the computer. The list goes on and on.
She will be nice and play with Brooke and that is really great, but within a few minutes both girls are ready to pull each others hair out.
Courtney is screaming that Brooke has her hair and will not let go. I will ask Brooke if she pulled sissy's hair. She looks at me and says "No." I then go into the spill of she will be in more trouble for lying to me than for what she does.
She still tries to convince me that she did not do anything.
A few times I have caught Brooke getting mad at Courtney and she will have Courtney's hair pulled across the room. (As you know Courtney's hair is long)
I am so tired of the fighting, bickering, and whining. How will I ever survive this summer?
If anybody has some good ideas for the summer please let me know.
The girls love to swim, but their dad refuses to mess with the pool this summer. Last year he cleaned the pool and got it sparkling clean and within no time the water was green. No matter how much chemicals I put in the water it would not stay clean. Maybe the girls can sweet talk their dad into one more summer for the pool.
I have a thousand things to do this summer. My goal is to have every drawer, and closet decluttered and the house sparkling clean. So far it has not happened. The rate things are going lately I don't know if that will happen. By the time the afternoon comes around I am so tired from listening to the kids fussing and whining.
I feel like a terrible mom some days.
Many of my friends have several children and I know they do not play with their kids all day long. Most of my friends have children that are the same age and the kids play together. I am not so sure they get along all day, but they do have each other to play with. My girls are 7 years a part and they just don't get along. On the days they do I am so thankful. I hate to say it, but they fuss more than they get along. Brooke makes me feel so bad because she wants me to play with her all day. She wants me to talk with what ever we play with. Any ideas how to make this summer fun?????????????
How long do you play with your kids a day?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Want some gum?

Last night we went to Kevin's mom's house to play some games. Kevin gave Brooke a pack of gum. I think it had three pieces in it. Brooke went around the table asking everybody if they wanted some gum. I said "no thank you."
Kevin took a piece of gum and Courtney took a piece. I had no idea how many was in the pack. Brooke was chewing her gum. It smelled so good that I decided I wanted a piece. Kevin told me that it was all gone.
I said " that is o.k I don't need it anyway."
Brooke thought I did need some gum. She was standing beside my chair and I heard the sweetest little voice say. "here you go mommy. Here's you some gum."

Oh great she found another piece of gum. I turn around and Brooke is handing me this gum. The problem was......... it was already chewed. LOL
Brooke was being really nice and pulled half of her gum out of her mouth to share with mommy.
I said "no thank you sweetie. I don't think I want any gum any more." Brooke pops it back in her mouth and continues to chew all the sweetness out.
This child makes me laugh everyday.

Monday, May 12, 2008


I bought Brooke two things of bubbles. She loves to blow bubbles. She also like me to blow them and her chase them.
I was mowing the grass today when Courtney and Brooke came running to where I was at. I could tell Courtney was mad. I stopped the mower to see what was going on. This is the conversation.
Courtney: "Mom do you know those bubbles you bought Brooke?"

Me" "Yes"

Courtney " Brooke poured every bit of it out."

Me-" Brooke why did you do that?"

Brooke-, " cause I couldn't get no bubbles out.

Courtney- " I think she needs to be in trouble for doing that."

Me- " Brooke I guess since you poured all the bubbles out you can't play with the other for awhile."
Brooke looks real sad like she is about to cry and she says. "Mom, Am I grounded?"
I started laughing. I could not help myself. This child is a mess. Grounded for a three year old. That just struck me funny. I was laughing so hard that I just had to tell them to go play. How could I not let her play with the other bubbles? LOL Bubbles are a dime a dozen.

Earthquake in China

Pray for those who have lost loved ones in this terrible earthquake.
This earthquake is in the Sichuan area. This is VERY close to where Brooke was from. I had a mixture of feelings run through my mind this morning. I am not sure if the orphanage was effected or not. If anybody hears anything about the Chongqing area let me know. I know my guide was also close to that area. I am going to try and email her and make sure she is o.k.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mothers Day

I know tomorrow will be a busy day for most of you. I hope you all have a Happy Mother's Day.
I want to wish a special Happy Mother's Day to my friend Laurie. Laurie has waited a long time to be a mom.
Laurie, I am so thankful that Daniel will be coming home soon. I know it has been a long wait for you. We have prayed for you and James much. Happy Mothers Day.

I also want to send a special Message to my mom. Happy Mother's Day Mom. I love you much. I am thankful that you are my mom and my best friend. You are the best.

I have so many blogger friends that I can't name you all. You are all special and I wish you all the very Best Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Spring Days

My sweet, beautiful girl.
"Do you see a butterfly mom?"

Pretty as a Flower
Miss Brooke enjoying the flowers
Pretty as a flower.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Clowning around Part Two

Somebody had a Birthday.

Somebody came as a clown.

Happy Birthday Lauren.
Brooke and Dino the clown.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Clowning around

Clowning around

Fish Lips
Mommy's sweetheart.
Courtney, Brooke, and I was clowning around last night before we went to bed.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Lauren

Miss Lauren
Lauren and her little sister Brooklyn

Happy Birthday Lauren. I hope you have a great day. We love you.
Denna, Courtney, and Brooke

Three Year Old Picture

My baby is growing up and it makes me sad. She looks so grown up in these pictures.
The quality of these pictures don't look good on the blog. The pictures are very good. I am seeing lines in the pictures on the blog. I think that must be a protection from the photographer so people will not copy them. The pictures I ordered from her are VERY good and the quality is GREAT.
Cindy from Mitchell Photography did these. If any of you locals want her number let me know.