Thursday, May 15, 2008


How will I survive this summer? We have been out of school for a week and things are crazy around here.
The girls have fussed everyday. Everyday I have had to hear Brooke say, " That is mine. I had it first. Court want play with me. Mom play with me. Move Court, I had it first hahaha. You can't have it. Mom, Court not let me in her room. Mom play puzzles with me, play dolls with me, play pet shop with me."

I have a headache. I can't play with Brooke for a few minutes. It has to be all day long and I don't have all day long to play. I told her today that I was not her play mate that she was going to have to start learning to play with her toys by herself. I can't even go to the bathroom with out her following me.

Then there is Courtney. Oh my head hurts thinking about her attitude. This is what I hear all day long. Brooke leave my stuff alone. Brooke STOP IT. I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH IT.
Mom, make Brooke leave my stuff alone. I am bored. I want something to read. I can't play any fun games on the computer. The list goes on and on.
She will be nice and play with Brooke and that is really great, but within a few minutes both girls are ready to pull each others hair out.
Courtney is screaming that Brooke has her hair and will not let go. I will ask Brooke if she pulled sissy's hair. She looks at me and says "No." I then go into the spill of she will be in more trouble for lying to me than for what she does.
She still tries to convince me that she did not do anything.
A few times I have caught Brooke getting mad at Courtney and she will have Courtney's hair pulled across the room. (As you know Courtney's hair is long)
I am so tired of the fighting, bickering, and whining. How will I ever survive this summer?
If anybody has some good ideas for the summer please let me know.
The girls love to swim, but their dad refuses to mess with the pool this summer. Last year he cleaned the pool and got it sparkling clean and within no time the water was green. No matter how much chemicals I put in the water it would not stay clean. Maybe the girls can sweet talk their dad into one more summer for the pool.
I have a thousand things to do this summer. My goal is to have every drawer, and closet decluttered and the house sparkling clean. So far it has not happened. The rate things are going lately I don't know if that will happen. By the time the afternoon comes around I am so tired from listening to the kids fussing and whining.
I feel like a terrible mom some days.
Many of my friends have several children and I know they do not play with their kids all day long. Most of my friends have children that are the same age and the kids play together. I am not so sure they get along all day, but they do have each other to play with. My girls are 7 years a part and they just don't get along. On the days they do I am so thankful. I hate to say it, but they fuss more than they get along. Brooke makes me feel so bad because she wants me to play with her all day. She wants me to talk with what ever we play with. Any ideas how to make this summer fun?????????????
How long do you play with your kids a day?


mommy24treasures said...

well hmmm.... My ideas are plan the day. A day with no plan is a day asking for chaos sometimes. I know you have had great ideas with the class you taught at sunday school or vacation bible school last yr? Have time for a craft or lesson like that, have certain days you go out early for breakfast together, breakfast is inexpensive and can keep you out for a little while, have a day you go out to lunch... atleast one playdate a week maybe? A day you go for a walk somewhere late in the evening when its cool once the heat hits, Have a day you go to the dollar store and buy a few inexpensive treats, a day you go to the library or to buy a book, I don't know if Brooke still takes a nap, but have quiet time if not where she listens to music or plays quietly...Courtney probably needs one small learning project thats fun for the summer... she could work on say an hour a day. Like a lap book of some sort maybe I don't know something you think she woud be interested in and would love learning about...
As far as the fighting... our rules are probably a little more strict than alot of families, and I am not telling anyone what they should or should not do, just sharing what we do and at the same time saying it certainly isn't perfect here yet and thats why I have all of these ideas.;)we are a work in progress;) but any uglyiness from anyone gets a mini sermon from mom on the dangers of strife and how God said where you allowed it there was also every evil work and how the commandment is to love one another and love your brother as yourself, believe me I can give them a long spill they don't want to hear every time;)
Then they can sit on their bed or whatever my discipline is for the moment... if Jacob says one ugly thing to any one he gets hot peppersauce or vinegar. I had it first has never mattered here, God gave His son's life and if they can't give a toy they can't have it period. I take it away. I give Caitlyn more leniency with this because of her age. If Ryan doesn't want them to touch something it has to be in his room away from them.
again I am certainly not mommy of the yr... just trying to give you maybe one idea that will help somehow.:)Praying your summer is fun and wonderful!!!!!!!

Denna said...

Thanks Connie. I like those ideas. You made me laugh with the vinegar.That is a good idea though. I know that God can help us this summer. Some times when you have days like I have the past few days it gets discouraging, but God will help us.
Thank you again. I will work on some of those.

LucisMomma said...

I got some neat charts for behavior and good behavior from Doorposts. The whole little set (with a booklet) is called "The Brother-Offended Checklist." John and I need to set out what we want the punishment to be for the "If-Then" chart, but the booklet spells out the Biblical ways of handling it (a spank or taking away a privilege).

My boys really get into it lie you say your girls do. They know that if they are getting along, mommy is more likely to let them keep playing. If they are squabbling, they get separated and games are taken away. They get chores and sometimes have to run laps around the house. (outside!)

They are older than Brooke and Courtney, so those things might not work with Brooke. Luci is learning to play by herself but like Brooke, she wants a playmate! My dream is to have a clean house this summer, too.

Breakfast out is not possible unless I don't bring Bryan--he eats like a horse and it is too expensive. We may try a picnic breakfast, but honestly he is such a pill to get up in the morning! And we can't leave him home (he has lost that privilege, and we want to keep him off the computer unless one of us is in the room.).

Let me know what you do!

AlabamaBrands said...

We finish school tomorrow (Lord willing) and I'm already thinking we have GOT to have a plan here!
It will not be a good summer without one.
I'm going to post soon about some of my ideas. I think everyone else should post about this topic too. The more input the better :)
I definitely have the house cleaning plan (hopefully will get that done before Bible school.

Melanie said...

I think Connie gave you great ideas there!!

Bradshaws said...

What if you even allowed your older daughter to play 'babysitter' for the summer. You could pay her like $5 a week to find activities each day for her to play with her sister, and reward her for being such a good babysitter in training. Maybe even get her a babysitter book, like a self help type book. I know how hard it is to have such a big age gap, and what I do is reward my oldest for helping out. I will get in a nap and she will 'babysit'. She will play school with the kids, or I will give her items to get them together for crafts. It makes her feel so responsible and needed, rather then me just being the ref all the time like I feel like!! (And everyone gets sick of mom yelling!!)
I too am preparing for summer....

Kelly said...

I am 7 years apart from my next sibling and this is what our house was like too. My brother and I didn't play together a whole lot. I played with my friends down the street or my cousin who was my age (for like a week at a time). Perhaps Courtney could have friends over more often, or even Brooke.

But you may have to get creative as well. I think the library is a good idea for them. Maybe once a week? If I get any more ideas, I'll be sure to let you know!

reber said...

In the summer the library does a reading club. I allow my older children to count a "baby" book IF they read it to the young child. If all else fails you COULD do school all summer. Sounds like a good threat anyways.

Kelly said...

We also try to have plan for each weekday. I plan one event and give them my absolute full attention for the entire time. Once that time is up then they know they need to find something to do while I do some work. I am usually making bows so they still come and chat quite a bit.

One or two days is outside water day, we do water guns or sprinkler. This year we got a little pool with a filter which should be fun. I have fun spraying them with the cold hose while they run through the yard. Sometimes I get wet with them but not always.

One day is out to lunch and shopping with Mom-Mom at Target, Walmart, Costco or the Mall.

One day is the library and park, through the summer they have a special program once a week for kids.

One day is free movies at the local movie theater. Not always the best movies but worth it to get out of the house.

Last summer went pretty quick for us. But my kids have a year round calender which means they end school June 6th and go back Aug 8th.

I think I would lose my mind if I home schooled. I really admire you guys that can do it.