Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Want some gum?

Last night we went to Kevin's mom's house to play some games. Kevin gave Brooke a pack of gum. I think it had three pieces in it. Brooke went around the table asking everybody if they wanted some gum. I said "no thank you."
Kevin took a piece of gum and Courtney took a piece. I had no idea how many was in the pack. Brooke was chewing her gum. It smelled so good that I decided I wanted a piece. Kevin told me that it was all gone.
I said " that is o.k I don't need it anyway."
Brooke thought I did need some gum. She was standing beside my chair and I heard the sweetest little voice say. "here you go mommy. Here's you some gum."

Oh great she found another piece of gum. I turn around and Brooke is handing me this gum. The problem was......... it was already chewed. LOL
Brooke was being really nice and pulled half of her gum out of her mouth to share with mommy.
I said "no thank you sweetie. I don't think I want any gum any more." Brooke pops it back in her mouth and continues to chew all the sweetness out.
This child makes me laugh everyday.


AlabamaBrands said...

that's so "sweet" ;)

Melanie said...

LOL!! I remember to joke about it when I was a child but I never did it seriously. How sweet of Brooke!!!
She makes me laugh! LOL

2China4Ayla said...

Don't you love this age - my Livi makes me laugh constantly too. They are so inquisitive, compassionate, and funny! A littel trouble mixed into it as well!

LucisMomma said...

illThat is so sweet! Give Brooke a hug from Luci and me.

And Courtney, too!