Sunday, May 18, 2008

And We Complain about gas.

There is tons more pictures, but I did not feel it would be good to post them. Just these pictures has left me weak. This situation in China has really bothered me. Every time I think about it or see pictures I get tears in my eyes.

Having to Evacuate

Grieving parents.

Many of us Americans have complained and whined because things did not go our way. Many have been down and depressed because of money, jobs, school, sickness, and different things.
Many of us have felt like "what else can go wrong?"
Many have said when it rains it pours.(I have)
The gas prices and food prices have made many of us Americans complain and fuss.

I know myself that the gas prices and food prices have not made me the happiest camper. I stopped today and I thanked God for the gas, the food, my family, my health, my home, my vehicles, and for being alive.

I have been thinking about the earthquake in China and it grieves me. Kevin and I both cried this afternoon. As I saw pictures of the things going on in China I felt such sadness.
Many parents have lost a child or family member. There is so many that don't have a home. So many lost everything they had. So many don't know where they are going to go.
I could see the people running to get away from the dams that was about to break. Older people being carried by their children. I saw one picture of this man carrying his 75 year old mom to safety. I saw one lady who lost her daughter and her granddaughter. I saw pictures of arms and hands sticking out from rubble. I saw body bags after body bags being buried. I sat in my chair and I cried. I cried for so many things. We will never understand why this terrible tragedy happened. As I looked at the faces of those who made it out alive and the faces of those who lost a loved one, I ask myself if any of those could be Brooke's relatives.
I saw the pictures of the children in the school before the earthquake. 24 hours before many of them died, they was running and jumping. They was playing ball and laughing. They never knew what the next day was going to be. Moms and dads did not know that they would never see their child again. So many are still buried under that rubble.
The after shocks have been bad. I saw many people sitting under a tent, because they lost their house. Many of the people did not have much to start with, and now they have nothing. I saw some people who had a couple of blankets and some who had a few dishes. Many have no food or water.
I have cried on and off all evening.
Kevin and I both was thinking the same thing.......And we complain about gas. We have nothing to complain about. If you find yourself complaining this week, or getting depressed, or being sad because milk is $5.00, and eggs have doubled in price, or you are stressed from this or that
or being sad because you think God has not healed your body when you thought he should or anything else that comes to your mind............STOP and think about China. I think it will make you look at life a little different. Things.....could be much worse.


Family said...

Amen sister! We are so blessed. We have it made. It doesn't hurt us to stay home a little more and enjoy our families and slow down a little bit. (I've been telling myself this). We really do have it good. And I have plenty of gas, just not the kind we need. Ha, ha.

Denna said...

I can't believe you said that. Did you mean for me to post that? If not I guess it is to late.

LucisMomma said...

So true, Denna. Very good post!

I've been crying, too.