Monday, December 29, 2008

Picking Pecans

Courtney edited this picture for me. I think she did a great job. It looks like she is going to be another Melanie.:)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Proud Girl.

Good job Court.
The first thing Courtney made was this purse.

Courtney has been taking a sewing class for a couple of months. I think she is doing pretty good. She just finished a blanket and it is so pretty.
Love you Courtney, keep up the good work.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brooke's Christmas Party

Brooke and her friends singing.
Gingerbread house
Courtney likes the icing.
Putting icing on the house.

We wish you a Merry Christmas


This is Brooke's preschool program. The ages are 2, 3, and 4. You can tell the 2 year olds. LOL

Friday, December 12, 2008


Brooke is finally enjoying baby dolls. She started really loving them about 2 months ago. I ask her what she wanted for Christmas and she told me baby dolls with hair, little pony, and pet shop.
I ask her again one day what she wanted and she said, " Mom, I done told you. Just three things. Those dolls, pet shop, and little pony."
She is so funny. I am so thankful I got those things early. With Kevin's job still not steady we will not be doing as much for Christmas this year.
I think the girls understand though. I tried to tell them that Christmas is about much more than getting.
The girls started going through their toys and wanting to give them to people.
My girls always take good care of their toys. They are not rough on their toys. They went through some of their toys to give away and the toys looked new still.
Enjoy the pictures of Brooke and her dolly. She named this doll Katie Lin.


This is a stick figure of somebody walking on water. :0)

Brooke has been drawing stick figures for a couple of months now. She has also started writing her name and letters. Brooke wrote her first sentence the other day. She wrote I love you. I will have to take the picture and put it on here. Here is just a little art work from Brooke. I will try and add more later.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Merry Christmas


Saturday, December 06, 2008

Happy Gotcha Day

This is Brooke's third Gotcha Day with her forever family. We love you baby girl.

Friday, December 05, 2008


Kevin and I went out last night for our Anniversary. We had a nice time. We had planned on letting the girls spend the night with somebody and going off for a couple of days. With Kevin's hours getting cut we decided to wait and just go out to eat. The girls were still going to spend the night with somebody. Brooke would not stay. She cried and cried wanting me. We had to finally go get her because I could not stand knowing she was upset. When I picked her up she said, " I would stay with Grandma if you stay to mommy." LOL
I was like "I don't want to stay. I want to be with daddy tonight." She then tells me how much she missed me and that she wanted me and nobody else. Kevin wanted to know where he fit in the picture. Brooke informed him that she loved him and missed him, but she wanted her mommy.
I don't know if Brooke will ever stay with anybody. I have just got where I can leave her for several hours and she is o.k. I guess it is a good thing Kevin and I did not go off for a couple of days. Brooke would have been miserable and made everybody else that way.
Kevin and I had a nice date for a few hours anyway. It was so nice to be able to sit and talk without the children. I love them so much, and I would not trade them for anything, but I did enjoy a few hours of quite time. Normally they are both like a radio that plays all day. You turn them on in the morning and they go all day until they get in bed.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Kevin. I love you.

Friday, November 28, 2008


Liz, Wesley, and Austin

Brooke. Courtney, Liz, Wesley, and Austin

Liz and Wesley
We had a nice Thanksgiving. We went to my mom's for Thanksgiving. I was so glad to get to see my niece and nephew. When they were younger they spent many days at our house and we spoiled them. As they got older they drifted. I have not saw Wesley in probably a year. I see Liz a little more, but not much. We had a wonderful time. I love all my nieces and nephews. I wish they could stay little forever.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Fall Fun

"Hurry daddy. I want to jump"
Ready for the Jump
This is Fun!!!!
Happy Girl
Look at that smile.
Brooke and daddy.
Courtney joined the fun. (for three minutes)
Throwing at daddy.

I wish we had went outside and played in the leaves when they first fell. They were so beautiful with their fall colors. We waited to late and the leaves were all brown and ugly. Brooke did not care. She loved it. Courtney would not play in them. She jumped like once I think and went inside. Brooke was full of smiles.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

Little Indian Girl
Mrs. T and 5 of her students.
Reagan and Brooke

We went to Brooke's school for a Thanksgiving Feast. I have to say it was delicious. The school went out of their way to make it nice. Each child brought something to help with the feast. We had Ham, corn, green beans, cream potatoes, dressing, and pumpkin pie. The food was so good. I felt a little bad for this one child. It seemed like every child had somebody there with them to enjoy the feast. This one little boy did not have anybody. Courtney sat by him and tried to talk to him. I made a special effort to talk to him. It broke my heart to see all the children with somebody except this little boy. There was probably 40 children. This one little boy's parents came up about the time everybody was through eating. It was also 20 minutes until the children had to leave for the day. They might of had to work or something. I don't know their circumstance, but it really bothered me to see this little fellow by himself.
We had a really nice time. Brooke was thrilled that we made it for her feast. I appreciate the effort that Kevin puts into being there for the girls. Kevin had worked all night and he was so tired. I told him not to worry about coming. He would not hear of it. He told me that he went for Courtney's things and he would not miss Brooke's. Kevin has always went with me to the girls Doctor's appointments, and most of their school things. I appreciate the time he takes for the girls. I know after working all night it would have been easy to just came home and went to bed. Brooke was so happy that her daddy was there for her.

Thanks Kevin, you are the best.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Glasses

This picture is with the old glasses. See how dark they are outside.

Old Glasses

New Glasses, outside. No Glare or tint.
No Glare.
I think Courtney looks older in them.

Courtney got new glasses. Her prescription changed some for the better. It has been over two years since we had to get her glasses. This was a very hard task. The style has changed so much the past two years. I don't like the new glasses that are out now. They remind me of glasses that I had when I was a kid. I like the wire frames on Courtney. The problem with that was nobody had very many to choose from. Most of what we saw was the plastic frames. We went to many places to look. Courtney also is not in a kid's frame any more. That made it much harder. Finally after much looking and praying for God to help us find the right ones, we found them. If you only knew how long it took us to find them. It was way longer than ever before.
There is two things I am going to love about Courtney's new glasses. One.....We bought a extra thing with them where there is no glare. I will love taking pictures of her and not having that glare. Two we did not buy the sunglasses tint this time. I will love taking outside shots and not having the glasses so dark that you can't see Courtney's eyes.
You might have to click on the pictures to see the glasses better.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pilgrim Cookie Hats

The girls and I fixed cookies for Brooke to take to school tomorrow. I thought they turned out pretty cute. I got the idea from family fun.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


My beautiful Brooke with curls.

Brooke I love you very much. I enjoyed playing dolls with you today. You are a very special girl. Stay sweet and precious.....and stop growing up so fast.


School at the Park.

Courtney, I love you very much. I am so thankful for you. It seems like only yesterday when I held you in my arms. You are growing up to fast on me. I enjoyed last week when we had school at the park. That was so much fun. Hopefully we will have some more warm days and we can do that again.