Monday, November 24, 2008

Fall Fun

"Hurry daddy. I want to jump"
Ready for the Jump
This is Fun!!!!
Happy Girl
Look at that smile.
Brooke and daddy.
Courtney joined the fun. (for three minutes)
Throwing at daddy.

I wish we had went outside and played in the leaves when they first fell. They were so beautiful with their fall colors. We waited to late and the leaves were all brown and ugly. Brooke did not care. She loved it. Courtney would not play in them. She jumped like once I think and went inside. Brooke was full of smiles.


Lisa said...

What fun! I love the picture of Brook and her daddy laying in the leaves!

Kecia said...

Looks like it was a very fun time!
We don't have fall here... Is just realy hot summere, aend erealy wet summer!lol...
God bless you all!