Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving Feast

Little Indian Girl
Mrs. T and 5 of her students.
Reagan and Brooke

We went to Brooke's school for a Thanksgiving Feast. I have to say it was delicious. The school went out of their way to make it nice. Each child brought something to help with the feast. We had Ham, corn, green beans, cream potatoes, dressing, and pumpkin pie. The food was so good. I felt a little bad for this one child. It seemed like every child had somebody there with them to enjoy the feast. This one little boy did not have anybody. Courtney sat by him and tried to talk to him. I made a special effort to talk to him. It broke my heart to see all the children with somebody except this little boy. There was probably 40 children. This one little boy's parents came up about the time everybody was through eating. It was also 20 minutes until the children had to leave for the day. They might of had to work or something. I don't know their circumstance, but it really bothered me to see this little fellow by himself.
We had a really nice time. Brooke was thrilled that we made it for her feast. I appreciate the effort that Kevin puts into being there for the girls. Kevin had worked all night and he was so tired. I told him not to worry about coming. He would not hear of it. He told me that he went for Courtney's things and he would not miss Brooke's. Kevin has always went with me to the girls Doctor's appointments, and most of their school things. I appreciate the time he takes for the girls. I know after working all night it would have been easy to just came home and went to bed. Brooke was so happy that her daddy was there for her.

Thanks Kevin, you are the best.


Out Numbered! said...

Hey girl! I don't have your email anymore. Glad to see our extended family is doing well ;0).

Jennifer Hardin

JinXiu said...

sounds like a wonderful time. what a blessed event. Emilees school feast is next week. She is a pilgram in the school play

Kecia said...

Hi.. I saw your blog through Courtney's blog... An i just fell in love with it!
Hope we can be friends!!

Kecia said...

Thank you so much!
May the Lord bless you and your family!