Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yummy Cake

I baked a yummy cake yesterday. Check out how I did it by clicking here.
Kelly you will love this cake.


Getting ready to fish.
Big Catfish
Brooke's first Catch.
Look at that expression.
Caught another one.
Caught another one.
Courtney and Brooke
Waiting. This was before she caught the BIG FISH.
Courtney is so excited.
That is a big Catfish. (Caught with a hot Dog)

Click on the pictures to make bigger.
We have had some beautiful weather this week. Kevin decided he wanted to take the girls fishing today. They had a blast. Courtney caught a catfish as soon as she threw her line in. The catfish was so big that Courtney could not reel it in. He kept trying to swim off and I just knew he was going to break the line. I was trying to help her and I could not get the fish in either. Finally Kevin came to the rescue and got it in for Courtney. Courtney was so thrilled to catch a fish that big. It probably weighed 5 pounds.

Brooke loved it. She caught as soon as she threw in also. She is going to be a little fishermen. She caught on fast. Her daddy showed her how it would feel when the fish nibbled on her bait. Brooke would start yelling "I got a bite." Sure enough she had caught one. Sometimes she would say it and we would reel in and the fish would have took the bait and got off.
Brooke caught like 9 and then I stopped counting. Courtney caught that many also. I just got tired of trying to keep up.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.

By the way.....The girls caught all these fish with hot dogs. I am serious. I was not about to touch a worm or a cricket. Kevin bought cheap hot dogs. I can handle those. Courtney's catfish must of been hungry. I can't believe she caught that with a piece of a hot dog.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

When a girl can't Sleep

"I can't sleep with this dog on me"
She does look a little disgusted in this picture.


Brooke's Ma maw took these pictures at her house. I thought they was sweet.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Caleb

A special Happy Birthday to my nephew Caleb. He is 14 today. I don't have a picture to share because I don't have any on this computer. I could find a CD and find one on there, but I have tons of those to go through.

Caleb, We hope you have a great day and Happy Birthday.
We love you,
Kevin, Denna, Courtney, and Brooke

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Camping two Pictures

Haley and Courtney
Brooke and Caden
Great Friends
They was suppose to just wade in the water, but you know how that goes.:)
Miss Brooke
Camping with Friends is so fun.
Petting a snake.
Miss Priss. Look at her hands.

Camping Pictures One

I don't think she liked the sand.
Brooke loved the sand.
Kevin and Brooke
Courtney Relaxing.
Playing in the pine straw.
Eating Yummy Spaghetti that mommy made.:)
Brooke loved the tub in our camper, and so did I. It was perfect for Brooke.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I had to change my title on the last post to sore instead of laughter. As the day has wore on, I am in terrible pain. It is not funny at all right now. My left side of my body is so sore. I did not realize I had hurt my finger, but I can't hardly move my left pointer finger. I will sit down on the couch to do something and I feel like a old woman trying to get up. I am so stiff and sore. The fall happened at 4:30 in the morning, so I guess my body is just now feeling the results of the fall.


I was up late last night working on Bible School stuff. I think it was like one when I got to bed. I woke up around 4:00 and I was sick. My stomach was hurting so bad and I felt like I was going to throw up. Kevin was working so I called him to pray for me. It is not fun being home by your self sick. I pass out very easy and I can't handle pain. I was so afraid I was going to faint because I was hurting so bad. The pain did ease some, but I decided I would soak in some hot water because that always helps.
My sweet husband built me a step yesterday to make it easier to get in and out of our tub. It also will make it easier to clean the tub. Well I am used to having to take this huge step before my feet hits the floor. Last night I was going to get out of the tub and I forgot about the step. When I stepped down, my foot hit the edge of the step. Since the step was not finished yet and I stepped on the edge it tilted and my feet went flying and I fell in the floor. Trust me, I forgot about the stomach pain. My legs was skinned up and hurting so bad. My back felt like somebody was stabbing me. I just sat in the floor and tried not to cry. I finally got up and saw that nothing was broken. I did see that one leg was skinned up, and the other was going to have a nasty bruise. My ankle and wrist also got hurt in the fall.
I went back to bed and slept pretty good. I woke up this morning and I am so sore. It was not funny at the time, but looking back at what happened it is pretty funny. I am just thankful that I did not break any bones.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sad Day

Do you ever have days when you feel sad? Do you ever have days where you don't know if you made the right decision on something?
I am feeling that way today. I posted earlier about the dog problems we have had. We have had two dogs in the past two months come to our house and stay. The one dog we took in and she has became my girls best friend.
Well this little black dog came up about three weeks or so ago. He was wild as a buck. He would run from us and act scared to death. He probably weighed less than 10 pounds. I could tell he was a grown dog. I started feeding him because I felt sorry for him. He made our house his home.
He would never let us get near him. Once I cornered him and he acted like he was going to bite me. I was hoping that he would get sweet and we could find a good home for him.
He dug into my fence to be with my dogs. Kevin was able to catch him and put him out. He let Kevin get him with no problem. A few days later he was back in my dogs fence again. I was able to go into the fence and pet him some, but most of the time he would run.
We finally made the decision to call the animal control for our area. They came this morning and it broke my heart.
I told them we might have trouble catching the dog. The two men did not think it would be a problem. They wanted my girls to go inside because they said they might have to use a instrument that would scare the girls. I had no idea what they was going to do.
I was in the pen trying to keep the dog from going under our building. I knew if he went under there we would never catch him.
The two men come in with what looked like hooks and nets. I started to panic. They was cornering the dog and when the dog would run toward them they stuck out the net. The dog was so little he went right through the net. The men kept trying. They finally got the dog. The dog was yelping and barking like they was killing it. I am sure he was just scared, but it looked so bad. It is a vision I will never forget. The little dog had a small rope around his neck and the hook was in the rope. The hook was also connected to a long metal rod that the men held to pull the dog with. The little dog was flopping and yelping, and I was trying not to cry. Once they got him into the cage I had to sign papers that he had not bit anybody in the last 10 days.
After they left Courtney came out crying. She had went inside but she watched out the window.
I feel so bad. I know if they don't find a home for the dog that they will put him to sleep. I really don't feel that anybody will want a wild dog. I feel I made the right decision but it is really hard.
I just did not think we needed another dog. Especially a male dog.
I just feel so bad.

Scared baby

A friend sent this to me. I thought is was cute. The baby looks a little scared to me.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Trip to Montgomery

Here is some pictures from our trip to Montgomery. We had a great trip. The children was very good. I am proud of how they all did.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Little Sunshine

Brooke is little Miss Sunshine. She will come up to me and give me a hug and say "I love you mommy. " She will then say " I love you this much." She then spreads her arms out as far as she can. I thought she looked cute in these pictures.

Twilight Bark

We had a twilight bark last night. I think every dog in the neighbor hood was barking. I could not sleep. Lately we have had tons of dogs show up at our house.
I think the problem is I have three female dogs in the pen.
I have had Shelties for years and never had the problem with other dogs hanging out at our place. It could be the fact that we had a male dog in the pen. I am not sure.
Several months ago we had a dog show up at our place. She is a sweetheart. From day one she has been very good with the kids.
We figured somebody dropped her. I am not for sure why because she is precious. We adopted her into our family.
Then one of my dads hunting buddies, had a beagle that he did not think was going to make a good hunting dog so he wanted us to have her. Of course we took her also. Kevin about flipped. He said one dog had to go. Of course he quickly changed his mind when he saw how sweet they all are.

I know some of you are wandering about the puppies we got several months ago. Those did not work out. They got so big and was so hyper that we just could not handle them with the girls. My dad got them and gave them to his Hunting friends. They found a good home.

The three dogs we have now are small and will not get big so that is nice. They are all very good with the girls. Brooke is not afraid of them.

The past two weeks we have had this little dog come up to our house. He looks like a miniature pincher. He is scared of his own shadow. We can't get near him. I started feeding him because he was so skinny and I felt sorry for him. Well he has made our house his home and we don't want him. He keeps using the bathroom all around the kids swing set. One day he got in my fence with my dogs. We was able to catch him and put him back outside. Our plans is to set a trap and catch him and call the pound. If anybody wants to take him in and try to make him happy please let me know soon.
I let my beagle out yesterday and her and the little black dog was hanging out together. Brooke got all excited and she said. "Oh they are friends. They are hanging out together mommy. I think we are going to have some puppies." Don't ask me where she came up with that. I think she has been listening to Courtney. I am afraid we are going to have puppies if something don't happen soon.
One of our dogs keeps getting out of the pen and running off with these big dogs. I think we finally got all escape routes fixed, but for some reason all these dogs want to hang out around our fence. I never knew females could be so much trouble.
Last night I felt like getting rid of all the dogs. Every one of them and all the neighbors dogs was barking. For two hours I got woke up from this. I don't have pictures of all our dogs, but maybe I can post them one day and let you see our beautiful family. LOL

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a Week

We are home and I am so tired and so mad at myself. We had a great time, but I ate way to much bad food. I have done so good and now I feel like I really messed up this week. I guess I have to jump back on the wagon and not give in this week.
Even though I ate to many cookies I was able to walk a good bit so hopefully it will not be to bad when I weigh in. (If I weigh in)
We loved the camper. We are spoiled now. I don't think we will ever go back to tent camping or a pop up. It was so nice to have everything there. Once we got to the camp site it did not take us no time t0 have the camper done. Packing up and coming home was a breeze. This was one of the easiest camping trips we have ever went on.
The weather was beautiful.
The only bad thing was Spring break. There was so many kids and campers that we could not let Brooke go to the play area by herself. On Thursday I could only find like three camp sites left. This place was so crowded.
We are used to not many people being there and to be able to sit at our camp site and watch the girls on the play area. Since there was so many kids we could not do that so Kevin and I was wore out with having to entertain Brooke. Courtney had a blast playing with all the kids.
My parents and Kevin's mom came down and spent two days and one night with us. We enjoyed having them. We also enjoyed having Danny, Emily, and the boys come down and be with us. That was really nice.
I am glad to be home. Kevin took me on a date last night and that was really nice. We went to eat and then he took me to a play. It was so strange not having the girls with us. We don't get very much alone time. It was a nice time for both of us. The play was not over until around 10:30. It was pouring down rain. We got soaked. Kevin was going to pull up and get me, but I knew that would put us in the crowd and take forever to get out of the parking lot. I ran with Kevin and got soaked.
I have had a very busy week, but I have enjoyed it.
I know some of you are still waiting on pictures from our trip to Montgomery. I downloaded them and put them on a slide show last week. Well for some reason after I spent a hour making the slide show I lost them and was to tired to try again. I was putting them on Rock you and they disappeared. I could not get them back. I hope to have them on again soon.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


We are leaving this afternoon to go camping for a few days. The girls is so excited. Kevin came home Saturday and said "I took off work we are going camping."
I was glad, but wish I had more time to prepare.
I am not even packed yet, so I have got to get busy.
I will be in touch when we get home.

Monday, April 14, 2008

I Love This Girl

Is this neat ?
Chocolate milk with a heart. This heart is for you Courtney.
My beautiful Courtney.
I love you Courtney. Keep Smiling sweetheart. I love your smiles.

The top picture I found neat. I was making some chocolate milk. When I put the syrup in, I was surprised to find a heart. To bad I could not sale it on eBay like that person sold the grill cheese that time.

Little Mommy

Brooke's two babies