Monday, October 30, 2006

More Tate Farm Pictures

Brooke laughing in the Corn Crib
"Where is Courtney's head?"
Beautiful Girl with the Beautiful hair.
How long do we have to hold this pose?
Two Pumpkins
Brooke trying to carry a pumpkin.
This is fun!!!
Courtney and Kevin
Brooke walking in the pumpkin patch.
I want this pumpkin, mommy.
Brooke loved the pumpkin patch. She fell a dozen times over the roots of the pumpkins. Most of the pumpkins was to big for her to carry. She found this ugly, little, green pumpkin and would not let it go. When she fell over the roots she would drop this pumpkin. She would pick it back up and smile. After being dropped a dozen times the poor pumpkin looked so bad. We tried to encourage Brooke to get a orange pretty pumpkin but she refused. When we had to get back on the wagon to go back to the farm area, Brooke was a very sad, and mad little girl. We made her put her ugly, little, green pumpkin down, and she cried and cried. :(
Maybe we should have got it, but what would we have done with the thing? We took her back to the corn crib to jump in the corn, so she forgot about the poor pumpkin. I think Courtney and Brooke had a GREAT time.

Tate Farms Pumkin Patch

Pretty Girl
Brooke riding the horse
Two Pumpkins being silly.
Courtney and Brooke playing in the corn.
Big Smiles
We went to Tate Farms today. We was suppose to go last week, but it rained. Courtney really wanted to go, so she talked us into taking her this afternoon. The Girls had so much fun. I took so many pictures. I have tons to post, but I will only post some of my favorite.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Busy Weekend

Doctor Osborns
Mickey and Minnie
Courtney waiting to shake the characters hands.
Shaking the characters hands.
Disney on Ice
Brooke sitting on the steps.

We had a very busy, but fun weekend. Friday night we took the girls to see Doctor Osborn's new Fangled Medicine Show. We laughed a good bit of the show. Doctor Osborn ask Kevin to come up on the stage area. We really laughed at that. Of course Brooke fell asleep. She did not care to much for the show.
Saturday night we took the girls to Disney On Ice. They had a blast. When the Characters first started coming out, Brooke could not take her eyes off of them. She would smile and clap. She loved them. Courtney had the best time. She would sing along with the songs as they played. We had pretty good seats. We was on the floor, but we had a bar that separated us from the section that was right where the characters was at. (That was the expensive section) Right in front of our bar was 6 seats that nobody sit in. During intermission Courtney jumped over the bar and sit in that section. The security lady ask her if we was her parents. She told her yes. The lady said that was fine, she just wanted to make sure we was close by. We could have reached out and touched her. We just had a bar( kind of like a fence that separated us) At the end of the show Courtney was able to go right up to the ice and greet the characters. She was full of smiles. Of course Kevin jumped over the bar at the end so he could get some pictures. The camera was not working to well (Actually I think it was the operator) so we did not get good pictures of Courtney shaking the characters hands. Brooke got bored by the second part and just wanted to sit on the steps or our lap and eat potato chips. Of course when we start to leave Brooke is screaming "Bye, Bye" and waving at everybody. We had a nice family time. We are going camping this week so we are going to have a good bit of family time. Kevin is off for like 12 days. I love having him home with us. The only problem is he don't like me to clean much when he is off, so the house gets pretty messy. Eeeks, I have a social worker coming in two weeks. That is not good. I do have a wonderful husband though, and he will help me get the house in order. I really enjoyed seeing my girls so happy this weekend. There is nothing as sweet as these precious memories and our time together. (The smiles, and laughter is wonderful)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Suger and Spice

My sweet Girl
MOM, I am tired of pictures.
Brooke was really laughing about something. She reminds me of her friend, Katie Lin.
How sweet.
Laughing Girl

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sisters are Fun

The Braids are the horse's mane.
I like to pull my sister's hair.
MOM, we are trying to play horsie.

This was a day when the girls was in a silly mood. Brooke would ride on the back of Courtney's back and pull her braids like she was a horse. It was pretty funny.

Oreo Nut

Mouth full of Oreo's
Is this a look of disgust, or quit taking my picture, or I don't want to share my Oreo? I am not for sure what this look is all about. I just thought it was cute.
These are not cavities. Just a mouth full of Oreo's, and a silly little girl.
Why do children ALWAYS take the cookies apart and eat the icing?

Arthur Orr

Arthur with his wife, Amy, and their son Jack
This post is for those in Alabama who can vote.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Our House

"By Faith"
We just had a wonderful revival. Bro. Troy Jones, from St. Petersburg, Florida, just held us a GREAT revival. I wanted the revival to continue on. The messages was so wonderful and a great encouragement to my soul. I got a great increase in my soul. I enjoyed every message so much. Last nights service was very good. I enjoyed hearing the wonderful things that God did for Bro. Jones. I really liked his story about the RV. That gave Kevin and I a inspiration.
Kevin decided that he was going to draw some pictures of lungs, ventilators, heart, and anything to do with his job. He is going to carry it around and show his patients, and at the very end he is going to have our dream house. I can't say I have enough faith to believe God will give it to us free. I do have enough faith to know that God will supply all our needs. God has proved his faithfulness to us.
We have had to spend a good bit of our money on having our children. We don't regret that. We would do it again in a heart beat. Our children has been a blessing to us. We chose to have children instead of a dream house. I know that God will continue to bless us, and in his time we will have our dream house, or one like it.
For those who did not hear the message last night, you would just have to buy the tape. I can not even explain it the way Bro. Jones did. That brother was awesome.
I just wanted to share our house..........By FAITH.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Did I make a Mistake?

We have a real problem in our house. We have two computers, but only one is hooked to the internet. Courtney wanted to start a blog. She pleated with me for so long that I gave in. :(
I figured it would not hurt to let her start one. Boy was I wrong. She wants to post every second of the day. She wants to read all my friends blogs. She wants to leave comments to all our friends. Which means I don't have much time for me on the computer.
Courtney and I race to get to the computer. Poor Kevin has to push us both out of the seat to even check his messages. That is another problem. Kevin wants on the computer also. You see it is MY computer and I don't really like to share it. LOL Teasing.
Courtney wanted to start this blog yesterday. I think we spent a hour trying to set her a blog up. She changed her mind a dozen times on what she wanted it called. Every cute name we came up with was already taken. I said " Well you are a chatterbox so I guess we could call it that" Chatterbox was already taken. So we came up with
bamachatterbox. Courtney was not thrilled with the name, but everything she came up with we could not use. I think she likes the name now. She really is a chatterbox.
The first blog name we came up with was brown eye girl. We set that up and Courtney decided she did not like that because is sounded like she only had one eye. So I tried to change it to Brown eyed girl. That was already taken. I knew when she wanted to change it the third time, that I was in trouble. I refused to change it again.
Yesterday Courtney was busy typing a post. (Which she is very slow at) That is another problem. I end up having to help her. I have supper on the table and I tell Courtney that supper is ready. She is like "Oh Mom let me finish this post. I just got started." I said "O.K." That was a mistake. Kevin, Brooke, and I ate, while Courtney posted. By the time Courtney came to supper her potatoes was cold. The whole time we was eating I kept telling Courtney that her food was getting cold. Kevin thought it was funny. He says "Now you know how we feel when we are waiting on you to get off the computer.":(
I have always gave Courtney time on the computer when she finishes school. She listens to Odyssey Stories everyday. That takes 30 minutes. Now that she has started a blog, I have to figure out how to push her out of the seat and me jump in the seat.
I thought today would be better and I could get a few things done. Courtney worried me to post all afternoon. She wanted to load this picture and that picture. I think I got 10 new gray hairs today. She is at a friends house tonight. If she was here I am sure we would be pushing each other out of the chair. Kevin is playing with Brooke. Bless his heart. He don't have a chance to ever get on the computer with us girls. Brooke has even got to where she likes to sit in the computer chair and play with the keyboard. She gets very upset when you remove her from the chair. I have to do school with Courtney and try to keep up with house work. I am not able to spend as much time on the computer as I used to. When I do want to use the computer I don't like to have to dump Kevin and Courtney out of the chair. I told Kevin the solution is to get internet hooked up to Courtney's computer. That could be a problem also. For now the computer is in our living room and I can see everything that Courtney is on. I trust Courtney on the computer. I am just afraid of the pop ups that could come up. Also one wrong letter could put her on a site that she don't need to be on. So I guess for now we will just push each other out of the chair. Actually the blog is good for Courtney with helping her write for school.

Little Friends

Emma and Brooke hug.
Nursery Friends. Look where Brooke's hand is. I did not realize that until I posted the picture. Brooke loves all her friends. When she sees Sadie she starts saying "Sayed, Sayed" She has not got the Sadie down yet.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Little Pumpkin's

My sweet pumpkin.
Discovering a pumpkin.
"Are these toys?"
Eating a Sucker.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

15 years Ago

15 years ago today, I went on a date with the most awesome guy I have ever known. I would have never dreamed that we would have went out. To be honest when he first ask me out I was scared. I was not scared of him, but of different things. I was going through a very difficult time in my life. Through some bad circumstances I had just ended my relationship with this other guy. (Actually he ended it)
I was scared to date again. I was so afraid of being hurt. I was not for sure if I could love anybody again? Also, this was not just anybody, who asked me out.
This was my best guy friend. This was a guy who was my strength, my laughter, my shoulder to cry on, and my brother I never had. He was a guy that made me laugh all the time. I could talk to him about anything. He was a great listener.
This guy had been my best friend for four years. This was a guy that walked me to my classes in High School, and who sat with me in the halls on our breaks. This guy was somebody who I played basketball and ping pong with. He was somebody who I went on bike rides with. This was a guy that when we was in High School, my teacher thought was my boyfriend, because we was always together. I was in my cooking class and this girl showed me her stitches from getting cut with a cat food can. It made me so sick that I passed out. When I came to the teacher was telling some of the students to go to the gym and get my boyfriend. I am thinking “My boyfriend” I knew that my boyfriend was in college who was they talking about. A few minutes later in comes this good looking guy named Kevin.
Oh its Kevin. We all laughed. He is not my boyfriend. He is just my close friend. He is just my close friend, that is Best Friends, with my boyfriend. Yes, I know it all sounds complicating. You would just have to understand the whole story.
You see, Kevin and my boyfriend was best friends and my boyfriend had no problem with Kevin and I being so close. In fact Kevin was with us most of the time we went out. I never looked at Kevin as anything more. You know though, sometimes love really is blind. I never knew how much I loved Kevin. I guess sometimes it takes a hard fall to realize some things.
I had every right to be scared to go out with Kevin. I did not want to be hurt, but more than that I did not want to loose my best friend. I did not want to go out with him, and things not work out, and then our friendship could be destroyed.
In the past I knew that there would come a day when Kevin would start dating and I would have to give up my best friend, but I figured I would deal with that when it came.
I did decide to go out with him, but I think I told him we would have to go slow because I was still having to deal with a bad situation.
I had so much fun that night. Kevin did not have a job at the time, so he did not take me anywhere fancy. Kevin also knew I didn’t like fancy places. Kevin brought me roses.
He took me to Pizza Inn. I saved the napkin from that night. Kevin wrote “ I love you” on the napkin and so I saved it. I loved him, but not the way he loved me.(I did not think)
Kevin told me that he had loved me for two years. He said he just tried not to think about it, because he knew it would never work. For one thing Kevin would have NEVER tried to interfere with mine and this other guys relationship. For another thing that was his best friend that I was dating, and I seemed happy, and Kevin knew it would never work with me and him.
From that night on I started feeling something different for Kevin. I can’t say I knew I loved him that night, but I did know that our friendship would never be the same. Kevin and I started seeing each other all the time. He treated me like a Queen. (And Still does)
In a short time my pain and hurt was gone and I knew without a doubt that I loved Kevin. Perhaps I had always loved him and just did not realize how deep. I guess it took a bad circumstance to open my blinded eyes. That is the past and a memory that has faded. I would not want to go through it again. I wish I had never went through it, but it was worth what ever pain and hurt I went through to find the true love of my life.
Kevin prayed and told God that he never wanted to hurt me. He told God that if he saw that he was going to hurt me to let our relationship end right then. I am so thankful that we are still together. This has been the best 15 years of my life. We have had some difficult times with infertility, but God has gave us grace and brought us through.
We will be married 14 years in December. Kevin told me the other night that we have been together half of our life. We really have.
I know our 15th Wedding Anniversary will be more special than this Anniversary, but I wanted to do something special to remember our first date. The Pizza Inn that we went to 15 years ago is gone. I found another one about 25 minutes from here. I got a babysitter and took Kevin out. I even got a napkin and wrote “I love you. Your still the one” on it.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Painting by Darcie

My wonderful Sister-n-law painted this picture for Brooke.
I thought she did a really good job. Thanks Darcie.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Two Pretty Girls

Brooke finding a leaf before she went into Church.

My little girl growing up.

A Pretty Little Zebra

Look at my Zebra Shoes!
It's over there mommy.
Playing in the grass.
Miss Priss
Sweet Girl
It's little bitty.