Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Contact gone bad.

I wear gas permeable contacts. The thing about these contacts is, if they ever get dry they are very easy to pop out. Also if they ever drop where suction gets under the contact, you can't get them up easy. I have a little instrument that I got years ago, that is shaped to fit on the contact and pull it either from the eye or the surface where it has landed. I have had to use that many times.
Tonight the girls had already got in bed. ( I let them sleep with me. That is a treat for them)
I was taking my contacts out when all of a sudden the contact went to the corner of my eye. When this happened it created a suction that made the contact stick to the white of my eye. It hurt so bad. Of all things it was my bad eye. I was hurting and I could not see to get the contact. I put my glasses on and saw where the contact was at. I got my little instrument and tried to pull the contact out. It was stuck. I was starting to panic because I was in pain and it was not coming out of the eye. It had a good suction on the eye. I yelled for Courtney to come help me. If it had not been my bad eye, I could have saw how to get the contact out better. I wanted Courtney to pull the contact out with the instrument I had. She freaked and could not do it. I was praying for God to please help me. I told the girls that they was going to have to pray because the contact was not coming out and I was hurting.
The girls touched my heart. Brooke said, "God help my mommy. I don't care how you do it, just help her."
Courtney prayed also. I don't know if God allowed my tears to wet the contact and loose the suction, or what, but God moved that contact back on the brown of my eye, and I was able to get it out. My eye is very sore. I don't know if I will be able to wear my contacts tomorrow. I hope it did not scratch my eye. That is the bad thing about gas permeable. They are hard and they are so uncomfortable. I love the soft lens, but my eyes are to bad for them. I can't see as well with them. Anyway, I wanted to share the special prayer with you guys. I love my girls so much. God is so good to us.

Zoo Pictures

ZOO FUN!!!!ZOO FUN!!!!!!ZOO FUN!!!!!ZOO FUN!!!!!!!


Sweet Sisters
"What's up there Luci?"

Let me hold your hand!!

Lilly and Brooke
Gracie climbing a tree.
Brooke and Luci

Brooke and Luci

Zoo fun

Brooke, Aimee, and Ana Claire. Aimee is also from Chongqing.
I think she is using the wrong thing. LOL
Miss Ana Claire.

Aimee is working hard.
Jacob swinging from a tree.
Some of the sweet children
Some of the girls
Some of the boys and girls.
Courtney holding Ana Claire. I think Ana Claire is just to cute.
I have about 150 pictures or so to post, but I better not do that. LOL I will try to make a slide show later if I have time. I will post a few now.

Precious Memories

Throwing corn

Look at that smile!
Covering Courtney up!

Covering Brooke up.

Jumping in corn.

I know this has been a lot of pictures. I should of did a slide show, but it takes to long. I still have tons more. These are all precious memories that I will never forget.

Tate Farm 2

"Where is daddy?"
What a pose!!!!
Autumn and Brooke

Pretty Autumn

Counting Corn
Brooke, Courtney, Autumn, and Chad

Where did Chad go?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Two Pumpkins

More pictures to follow. We have had two very busy days. Yesterday afternoon we took the girls to Tate Farms Pumpkin Patch. They had a blast. When we got there two of our friends was there with their three children. That made the time at Tate Farms better. The only bad thing at Tate Farms was there food. It was terrible, and way to expensive. We will not be eating there again. The children had a blast in the corn. That was the favorite, for my my two Pumpkins.
Something else bad did happen. Brooke had just petted the animals and I was going to wash her hands with the hand sanitizer. The Sanitizer was right at Brooke's eye level, so when I pressed it, the stuff went right in her eye. Scared me so bad. She was crying, and I felt like crying. We prayed for her, and within no time she was feeling better. I will post more pictures later, I am just to tired tonight.
Today we met several families at the zoo that had Children from China. We had a nice time. One little girl we met was from Chongqing. We have not been able to find many from Brooke's province, so that was really nice. I have tons of pictures from today, but I just don't feel like loading them tonight. I am going to bed and I am going to sleep until tomorrow evening. LOL Teasing, I wish I could.

"Missed you today Mel. " I had quite a few people talking about the bubble gum picture. You might end up with lots of bubble gum pictures instead of the red thread.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Pretty in Pink
My Sunshine


Growing up :0(

My sweet Courtney is growing up to fast. She is so tall for her age. She is much taller than the girls and boys her age. Courtney is only nine, but everybody thinks she is 11 or 12. When we go to a restaurant I think the people think we are lying about Courtney's age. Sometimes they try to charge us a adult price. When I tell them her age they look at me like they don't believe me.

Miss Prissy

Brooke and Emma in Sunday School.
Let's go shopping!!!

When Brooke laughs she will put her hand on her mouth and throw her head back. LOL

Is this a Miss Priss?
Look at those dimples.
Growing up :(

In the first picture that is the way the hat is suppose to be worn. Well I was taking pictures at home and Brooke wanted it like the other pictures. She said "I want it this way. I not want my ears to show."
I could not believe this child. She is not even three and talking like that. I think Kevin and I are going to have our hands full with little Miss Priss.