Monday, October 22, 2007

Snow White

Jackson (Chinese Friend)

The Wicked Witch

Snow White and some dwarfs

Molly (Chinese friend)

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We took the girls to a Snow White play. We let them both take a friend. The play was great. We went to McDonald's before the play. Courtney and Alicyn loved the play.
Brooke and her friend Emma liked it, but they was a little scared on some parts. They did not like the wicked witch. They was both scared of her. We found it really neat to find two of our Chinese friends in the play. Brooke don't remember them like we do. They both did a great job. When the play was over the wicked old witch held her arms out to Brooke and Emma and said "Come let me hold you little girl" The girls had a look of complete horror on their face. Emma was clinging to me with a death grip. I did not think the lady should of done that, but I guess she was playing her part. The children usually get autographs from the characters. We did not have time because we had to get to church.
We all got a good laugh at Brooke. On the way home Brooke started talking. Out of the blue she said "That Chinese girl was pretty neat. She was pretty good." She can be so grown some times. I found it neat that she associated Molly as Chinese. We had not been talking about it at all. Brooke just up and said that.

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Melanie said...

LOL. Those pictures are so cool, the wicked witch's make up is awsome. Brooke is such a smart girl, huh?