Friday, October 26, 2007

New Jeep

The jeep is not exactly new, but it is new to Brooke. This Barbie jeep was Courtney's when she was younger. We bought a new battery for it, and Brooke loved it. I hope you enjoy all the videos. It might take awhile to load since there is so many. I thought they was all so cute, that I could not decide which one to put on. I decided to put them all. Enjoy!!!!
You also get to hear the wind, and see our dogs. Our dogs was going crazy chasing the jeep.


Melanie said...

LOVE THOSE VIDEOS!!! she was so happy !! It was so funny when she drove in the tree haha, poor Brookie.
Your dogs are so cute...Kinda funny when that one tries to "pee" on the jeep...LOL

AlabamaBrands said...

fun fun!!

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

GREAT videos!!!! KL and I watched them ALL! And, she wanted to watch them again!
Thanks for sharing!