Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Zoo fun

Brooke, Aimee, and Ana Claire. Aimee is also from Chongqing.
I think she is using the wrong thing. LOL
Miss Ana Claire.

Aimee is working hard.
Jacob swinging from a tree.
Some of the sweet children
Some of the girls
Some of the boys and girls.
Courtney holding Ana Claire. I think Ana Claire is just to cute.
I have about 150 pictures or so to post, but I better not do that. LOL I will try to make a slide show later if I have time. I will post a few now.


Melanie said...

LOVE the pictureeees! the first one is so cute and the last one of Ana Claire and Court, priceless!!!

Lisa said...

You got some great photos! It was so nice to meet you and your family! Your girls are truly precious! I hated we had to leave so soon, but I had gymnastics classes to teach that afternoon. I was exhausted! Ana Claire hasn't stopped talking about Courtney. I think she would love to have a big sister.