Saturday, October 13, 2007

We are back

My beautiful Brooke
My beautiful Courtney.
The gangs all here. (We was at a walking trail)
Brooke, Anna, and Danielle

We are back from camping. We had a really nice time. Having some of our friends and family with us made it really nice. I have many pictures, but don't know when I will get them on here. My parents and Kevin's mom rented a cabin where we was at. That made it really nice for us. Mom cooked a really big breakfast one morning and we all ate up there. I think there was 19 of us in the cabin eating a wonderful breakfast. Kevin and I cooked our chocolate gravy for everybody and that was a big hit.
The first night at camp, my dad fixed his great Barbecue and had it for everybody. That night there was 21 of us at the cabin. It was crowded, but very nice. My parents got a cabin on the Lake. The view was breath taking.
The first night my dad and one of his friends played music. Kevin's mom sang. We really enjoyed the music. In fact I think many campers around us enjoyed it also. We had people come up and surround our camp site. Several jeeps pulled up to listen to the music and singing.
We met some really nice people who was camping beside us. The man could cook so good. He would cook over the fire and his food was always good. He would make some of the neatest food, and always wanted us to try it. He made one of the best peach Cobblers I have ever ate.
His wife homeschools also, so we had a lot in common. Their children and ours played wonderful together. They was great camping neighbors. We plan on getting together again with them one day.
I had something neat happen on this trip. We met a family about a year ago who was waiting on their referral for their daughter from China. We had been planning on meeting for supper one night, but it just has not worked out. They got their daughter a year ago. When we pulled into register for a camping spot I saw this beautiful little China Doll coming toward me. I recognized Anna's mom. We both saw each other at the same time. Brooke and Anna just stared at each other. Anna is a mommy's girl, just like Brooke. With them both being a mommy's girl that made it hard for them to play together. Hopefully the more they are together they will become friends.
Both of my girls had a great time. We did not realize it was Fall break, when we made plans to go camping. The place was jammed packed. In fact by, by Friday night there was hardly any campsites left. I will post a few pictures tonight and then hopefully get some more later.


AlabamaBrands said...

nobody told us they were going. no fair :(

LucisMomma said...

Denna, it sure sounds like you all had fun! Danielle and Brooke look so sweet together, they look almost like sisters. How wonderful that you met up with them--it's really a small world, huh?

susan w. I missed your posts, I wondered where you were. :)