Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Brooke tells people she lives in BamaChina. She is so funny. She told one person that she lives in Bama, but she came from China. We don't talk much to her about China. She picks up on any thing she hears us say, and she don't forget it.

Today my sister and I went to a Chinese place to eat. The waitress looked at Brooke and said "she from China"
I said "yes"
The lady said "oh where her mom at?"
I pointed to me and said "I am her mom"
The ladies eyes got as big as a saucer and she said "you her mom."
I tried to explain that we had adopted Brooke. I don't know if the lady ever did understand. She seemed so confused. She could not take her eyes off of Brooke. To top it all off, Brooke looked at her and said "Ni hao" (Hello)

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Kelly said...

How does she remember any Chinese? She was so little when she left!