Friday, December 05, 2008


Kevin and I went out last night for our Anniversary. We had a nice time. We had planned on letting the girls spend the night with somebody and going off for a couple of days. With Kevin's hours getting cut we decided to wait and just go out to eat. The girls were still going to spend the night with somebody. Brooke would not stay. She cried and cried wanting me. We had to finally go get her because I could not stand knowing she was upset. When I picked her up she said, " I would stay with Grandma if you stay to mommy." LOL
I was like "I don't want to stay. I want to be with daddy tonight." She then tells me how much she missed me and that she wanted me and nobody else. Kevin wanted to know where he fit in the picture. Brooke informed him that she loved him and missed him, but she wanted her mommy.
I don't know if Brooke will ever stay with anybody. I have just got where I can leave her for several hours and she is o.k. I guess it is a good thing Kevin and I did not go off for a couple of days. Brooke would have been miserable and made everybody else that way.
Kevin and I had a nice date for a few hours anyway. It was so nice to be able to sit and talk without the children. I love them so much, and I would not trade them for anything, but I did enjoy a few hours of quite time. Normally they are both like a radio that plays all day. You turn them on in the morning and they go all day until they get in bed.


JinXiu said...

I know eactly how you fell. Emilee wont leave my side. She is fially able to go to school for a few hours without asking the teacher constantly where is Mommy. I guess you can look at it as if we did something right, they have bonded and they love us. LOL. I am told that they will grow out of it and one day they wont want us around. thats until they hit adulthood and its a new form of bonding. Enjoy it while it lasts. soon she will be off with her friends. im glad you and your husn]band got to spend some time together. why dont you plan a midnight picnic when the kids are asleep.


Omaloriann said...

Glad you got a few hours! I remember those days & know where you're coming from! Happy Anniversary.

LucisMomma said...

I understand so much! And I think John feels like Kevin some days.

Happy Anniversary!

Kevin's job situation is in my prayers.

AlabamaBrands said...

Happy anniversary!
(Don't forget I'm always willing for Sadie's friend to come and play!)

Kecia said...

Happy anniversary!!
Haha... Brooke needs you!
Mommies are veeery important!!

mommy24treasures said...


LucisMomma said...

Denna, we had a thing happen with Luci on Sunday--I let her go to the Children's Church thing. Usually she is with us in worship. She went nuts! Thought I wasn't ever coming back. Thank goodness they brought her to me instead of letting her cry it out. Then last night she woke up in the middle of the night crying from a bad dream, saying I left her in the YMCA nursery! Poor baby! Just when you think things are going so well. That abandonment issue just never goes away.