Friday, December 12, 2008


Brooke is finally enjoying baby dolls. She started really loving them about 2 months ago. I ask her what she wanted for Christmas and she told me baby dolls with hair, little pony, and pet shop.
I ask her again one day what she wanted and she said, " Mom, I done told you. Just three things. Those dolls, pet shop, and little pony."
She is so funny. I am so thankful I got those things early. With Kevin's job still not steady we will not be doing as much for Christmas this year.
I think the girls understand though. I tried to tell them that Christmas is about much more than getting.
The girls started going through their toys and wanting to give them to people.
My girls always take good care of their toys. They are not rough on their toys. They went through some of their toys to give away and the toys looked new still.
Enjoy the pictures of Brooke and her dolly. She named this doll Katie Lin.


LucisMomma said...

That is wonderful, the girls looking through their things to give to others. I love it when I can get our kids to do that.

Some girls just don't do the baby doll thing, maybe that's Brooke?

I love the pics of Brooke writing her name and drawing Jesus walking on the water! Lovely!!

Melanie said...

Oh I'm glad she's finally loving babydolls!
Aw, She's too funny!!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, enjoying time with family and friends:)
I wish I could be there!

P.S: I love the pictures of Brooke writing her name, She's growing up too fast!!


Kecia said...

Oh... Katie Lin is gorgeous!!
God Bless you all!