Friday, April 14, 2006


Brooke sometimes picks a bad time to go to sleep. Kevin did not have to work so he wanted us all to go eat Pizza. We go to Pizza Hut to eat. Brooke was very loud and hyper. I guess Brooke burned a lot of energy in Pizza Hut. After eating pizza we decide to go to Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries. Kevin hates to shop so he decides to just go look around. I decide to take the girls with me. As soon as Kevin leaves Brooke starts whining and getting very fussy. Her head falls forward. I am thinking please don't go to sleep now. She is starting to cry. I pick her up and her head falls on my shoulder. In a matter of 15 seconds she is gone. WOW I wish I could go to sleep that fast. I am carrying 20 pounds and trying to push a buggy. What can I do to make this easier? I am passing the comforters, sheets, and that type of thing when I see my answer. (PILLOWS) I put a pillow in the buggy and then a softer one on that. I then lay Brooke in the buggy. Brooke never budged. She was sound asleep. Groceries??? Where am I going to put the groceries? CELL PHONE!!! Aren't they wonderful? I call Kevin and tell him to meet me. Kevin meets me with his own buggy, which is pretty full. (I thought he did not like to shop) I have to move the stuff Kevin has got to make room for the groceries. Brooke gets a good nap. She wakes up after rolling off the pillow and not being on something soft anymore. Brooke is just like my dad. If she sleeps for just a little bit she wakes up and she is wide awake. She woke up very wired and ready to get down and go. She had her squeaky shoes on so half the store hears her and stares. This black family is staring at us when the man ask" Is she mixed" I said "What?" He ask again" is she Mixed?" O.K are we talking about paint here or a puppy. Is She mixed? What kind of question is that? Later I think of many things to say. I wish I had thought in time to say " No she is not mixed. There is her dad" Kevin was coming up about the time the conversation started. I just smiled and said"She is from China" I have had people ask me If Brooke was adopted, but never is she mixed. I guess people get so curious that they don't think. Brooke don't understand now. I dread when she is older and people ask questions. I guess I can just say " We are a Chinese American Happy Family" That is a true statement. Many times I don't think about Brooke being adopted. I may not have carried Brooke in my womb for 10 months, but I carried her in my heart for 15. She has been a blessing to our family. I can't even describe the love I have for her. Kevin is always telling me he loves me to China and back. I guess that is how much I love both of my girls and more.
While I was shopping I bought these popsicles that are called "Mighty Magic MINIS" They are perfect for little hands. If you have never tried them they are great. Brooke loved them and they fit in her hand perfect. Give them a try.

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Laurie said...

Too cute!! Love the "pillows" picture. Your daughter is a doll baby.

Sorry about that rude comment. I guess I never believed people could be so insensitive to ask such a thing. Maybe you should have said, "Why, are YOU mixed?" Humph!!! SOME PEOPLE!!!