Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Day At the Park

SAT test was over. Courtney and I was both so glad. After the test several of us went to the park. We got pizza and let the children play. Courtney had a great time. Brooke also had fun. I let Brooke wear her squeaky shoes, so it was really easy to keep up with her. Brooke loves the outside. Brooke's friend Caden Carter was there and I took some sweet pictures of them. Caden knows who Brooke is. It is so sweet the way he lights up when he sees Brooke. Caden will point and smile and chatter something. (Shhhh I think he likes her. )
The weather was so nice today. I enjoyed being outside for a change.
Kelly and Heather I think we are going to have to set up a day or night to help me with this blog. LOL I have already posted one message and added a picture and lost it. So I am not going to post much for now. It took me forever to type the first post. Brooke is ready for bed and she has to have mommy to rock her. For now good night.

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Alabamabrands said...

i like your bolg sister denna .brooke is just so cute. say hi to Courtney and hi to bro.kevin talk to you later.