Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Brooke is having a hard time with sharing. She does not like to share. Everything is "MINE" to her. Today Courtney went for SAT test again. Brooke and I had a mommy and Brooke day. I get Brooke's doll and stuffed dog and play food out. I place the food, and we act like we are eating it. Brooke is doing great. She is playing and I am snapping pictures. Brooke has 3 play cookies. I decide to let her dog have one. I say " Brooke your doggie wants a cookie" I then place the cookie in the dogs paw. Brooke snatched the cookie away and made some little sound. I then give the dog another cookie, and tell Brooke we have to share. Brooke is very upset at this point and grabs her cookie back. Brooke is crying so hard. I had to take a picture. I am going to try and post them, but this is different than my other site so I may not be able to. I know Brooke is also ill because of her teeth. We had a fun day even if she did not want to share her cookies. I left the room to do a few things. When I came back in Brooke had done made a huge mess with all the toys. Her imagination is not very good right now. LOL
I also went to a step aerobics class today. It was really fun. I was so tired when we got through. It is really fun though. It kind of takes your mind off of things for awhile.
Well I have got to finish supper for my hubby and children so I guess that is all for now.

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Laurie said...

Aww, what CUTE pictures!!!!