Friday, April 21, 2006

Looking Back

It has been a week since I posted. I know I need to do better. Things have been busy around our place. Sunday we had a great day. We ate dinner with my parents. My sister and her little boy came up. We don't believe in the Easter Bunny. The children did hunt some eggs for fun. Tuesday night we played Rook with some Friends. We had a really fun time.
Most of my week has been doing school and trying to prepare for a wedding shower for my niece. I have been pretty busy.
There is a terrible virus going on around our area. It is a pretty bad one. I hope it stays away from us. Almost everybody in Church has got it. We sure don't want the stuff.
I did put some of our China Pictures in our Photo album if you want to look.
As I was going through these pictures I could not believe how much Brooke has changed. Brooke has done so well with us. She bonded right away to us. As I looked at the Gotcha Day pictures, I saw this scared little baby. This little baby had terrible chapped skin, and a terrible runny nose. I remember when I first saw Brooke how I thought she was beautiful. I can remember taking her in my arms and how she looked at me. She did not cry at first. She just looked at me. I kissed her and hugged her. I did not care that she had a runny nose. I did not care about her chapped little cheeks. I had my baby in my arms. Nothing matter at that point. I had my girl, and I loved her. I had loved her for so many months. The love I felt that day when she was placed into my arms was something I will never forget. Several babies started crying. Brooke started crying. I hugged her and loved her. She cried so much that I was afraid she would be sick. Kevin told me to give her a passy. I did. The passey was a great comfort to her. I gave her a duck and a photo album. Brooke clung to those things. Brooke's nanny wanted to hold her. I gave her to the nanny. Brooke looked so confused. There was something in her eyes that made me feel she knew I loved her. She kept looking at me like" take me back." I did take her in my arms and the bonding started.
When we got back to the motel Brooke loved the toys, and she seemed to love all of us. We went out to eat at McDonalds and Brooke loved it. Brooke still likes it today. As I looked at the Gotcha Day Pictures I realized how much Brooke has became a very Happy Little Girl. It seems like so long a go when those pictures was taken. They were only 4 and a half months ago. God has blessed us so much. God gave me so many of my desires for Brooke. I know I missed her first smile and some of her first things, but I got to see a few first things. I got to see her first tooth. I got to see her take her first step. I got to hear her first words. I got to receive the first kiss from her. I also got to hear her sweet words "I love ou" To hear her tell me that was the best feeling. Today Brooke kept tugging on my skirt saying "Momma. my momma, momma" Those was beautiful words to me. I love this little girl so much. God gave us the perfect little girl.
I wish I had got her sooner, but I have to trust God knew what was best. I will never know what went on in the orphanage. I may never know if Brooke got kisses or hugs. I may never know if she was tucked in at night. One thing I do know is Brooke has got so many kisses,hugs, love, and happiness the past 4 months. We will continue to give her as many kisses and hugs as we can.
Goodbye until the next time


Kelly said...


You're making me cry!

**sniff, sniff**

(I deed a tissooo)

Laurie said...

Denna, My eyes are filled with tears! I'm so thrilled for you & Kevin. I can only imagine what you must have felt to get your baby girl. Your story gives me HOPE! Love you much, Laurie Hill