Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Night Terrors

Brooke did really good for about a month with her sleep. It was so nice to be able to sleep and not get woke up a dozen times. The past few nights Brooke has slept terrible. She has woke up screaming for me. She is crying and saying "momma, momma momma." It is so sad. I will go to her and tell her mommy is here, but she is so scared. She has ended up in our bed the past few nights. Brooke has also got where she does not want me to leave her for a minute. I think this all started Friday night when I left her with my parents. Kevin and I took Courtney and Allison to a play at Fantasy. The play was very good. ( Aladdin) We had a great time.
The next day I had a wedding shower I was doing for my niece. Brooke was with me, but somebody else had to watch her while I served. I think it has been to much for her. Brooke clings to me. If we are at the house she is pulling on me and saying momma. Normally Brooke loves her grandparents, but the past few days she don't want them to touch her. If somebody comes up and talks to Brooke she will say" No, No" and cling to me. She is so afraid I am going to leave her. I guess I should not have left her Friday night. I thought she would be O.K. It is so hard not knowing what she is feeling. I never knew Brooke would love me so much. I am thankful, but some days I wish she would share her love with others. Lately when she won't let anybody touch her I call her "Miss Touch Me Not." Brooke was just getting to the point that she would let others hold her and talk to her. If she thinks you are fixing to take her away from her mommy she gets very upset. I guess that is all for tonight. I am hoping for a good night of rest.

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