Monday, April 10, 2006

What A Day!

What a Day!!
This has been a very hectic day. Courtney started her SAT test today. I will be so glad when they are over. These test have made me so nervous. Courtney is also nervous. I am trying to tell her to think positive. I know it is hard on her. I felt like it was her first day of school. We had to drop her off for the test. It felt strange not to be with her during school. As a homeschool mom I am with her all day and night. This was very weird to not be there for her. She came home and hugged me and said she missed me so much. That made me feel good.
Brooke has been a pill ALL day. She is cutting 4 teeth and they are giving her a fit. She has cried most of the day. She does not want anything to eat. (except her hand) She has chewed on her fingers all day. Poor baby. I know she feels really yucky.
I am trying to start this blog because I am about out of space on my site. Feel free to still visit the site. I plan on doing most of my posting here from now on. Heather Brand showed me her blog and got me interested in doing one. I will try to post everyday, but I am making no promises. Some days I barely have time to check my messages.
I guess for now I will stop. I have to get the girls ready for bed.


Alabamabrands said...

Great job Deanna! We'll figure this thing out together.
I know how you feel about testing. I almost cried the first time I sent Morghann :)
Sadie's cutting teeth too!
We are in the same boat.
Stay encouraged!

Kelly said...

Great post!