Saturday, April 29, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Happy 40th Anniversary to my wonderful parents. I am so thankful for the 40 years that they have had together. In today's society, people just don't stay together long. I know of two different people who was married less than 3 months and they ended up in a divorce. I consider that very sad. I am proud that my parents have stayed together. I know that being saved is what has helped them.
Things was not always good. Before my parents got saved their life was starting to go down hill. My dad was a big drinker and smoker. I was to young to remember these things, but I have heard about them. My parents marriage was not going good at all. They was already considering a divorce. God looked down on two people and showed them that there was a better way. God started dealing with my parents in 1974. They both got saved in April 1974. God took two lives and put them together again.
For two years my parents went to church and tried to live right. There was something missing from their life. They felt that surely God had something more for them. My parents go so sick of seeing the people they went to church with living sinful lives. They saw people who was suppose to be saved doing things that was not holy. One thing I remember my parents telling was, they was at church and this guy got up to sing. The guy that got up to sing was drunk. He had to be held up by somebody else. People thought he was sick. My dad thought the guy was drunk, but he did not want to accuse anybody. Later on they found out the guy was drunk. Here somebody is suppose to be singing for God, and they are drunk. That is sad.
My dad had been delivered from drinking and smoking when he got saved. As I said earlier, my parents was sick of seeing people who was suppose to be saved living just any way they wanted. God started showing my parents a better way. In September 1976 my parents found the beautiful Church Of God. My parents found something to take care of their sin problem. They found a body of people who was living Holy. This still holds true for today. If you get your sin problem taking care of then God will help you with any problems you have. Not only will God help you, but he will bless you. I am so thankful that my parents found something that satisfied them. I appreciate that they raised me the way they did. I have no regrets for the life they lived or for the life I have chosen. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I love you both very much.

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baSfsoGp said...

Happy Anniversary from me too.
Sister Mitchi