Thursday, September 04, 2008

Time to Go

We are ready for a new home. The people here are really nice, but for some reason every time the lady comes to the garage she starts sneezing really bad. The little girl really likes us and I hear her tell her mommy that she wants us to stay. The older girl is in love with us kitty's. She even cried for one of us to stay, but her daddy said NO. I heard the man say he wanted his garage back that he was tired of having to park outside because of cats. :( We really are nice. We even use our litter box. Of course we are messy with our food, and the lady of the house is not to happy with having to clean up all our cat food. Something about us really makes this lady sneeze. She said it was time for us to go, so if anybody out there would like to take us in we would be so happy. Our little sister has already found a home and she is very happy.


Courtney said...

Hey, I know who can get one, US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Family said...

they are soooo cute!

Mama Hen said...

Oh those kittens are just adorable!!! I'm such a softy for the "furbabies." ;-)

You are a great photographer! Those photos of your girls are beautiful!