Friday, September 12, 2008

Birthday Cake

Happy Girls
Brooke mixing the cake.
Courtney mixing the cake.
Oh, no should I trust them with eggs?
Kevin with his cake. Brooke was in a VERY bad mood.
She had just woke up and she was not in the mood to eat or for pictures.

Here is some pictures of the girls baking their daddy his cake. They had fun. We ate at my parents house yesterday. My dad made Barbe Q. We was going to play some games, but my dad came in and informed us that gas had went up 50 cents since the morning. We jumped in our Durango which loves gas, and took off to the gas station. We filled up and was glad we did. Today the gas is even higher than yesterday.
Kevin had a nice birthday.


JinXiu said...

What a beautiful birthday cake. It looks yummy.

Wow, 50 cents in one day. I think I should open a bike store in your area

So far gas has stayed stable in NY. Im crossing my fingers

Kebrina said...

that makes me want 2 eat it ......ithink i'm going 2 go make one!!!!