Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I think more than just adults had fun. I think the children had a great time at campmeeting.

Kalie, (I hope that name is right,) Sadi, and Brooke

Boys playing football.

Sweet Friends.

Courtney and some of her friends.

Do we see a future here??? Hmmm Could be.


Melanie said...

love the pictures! Gosh, is it me or Brooke has grown up? She looks older in these pictures!

Courtney or Erin said...

Yeah you got the name right. Erin

AlabamaBrands said...

Her Gramma told me it was Kayleigh, I believe.
I enjoyed the pictures :)

Nicky said...

I will have to say that my daughter seemed to really enjoy camp meeting- I already love camp meetings but when you add your children into the picture of having an awesome time- man you can't hardly beat that!!