Saturday, October 11, 2008

Petting Zoo

Lee holding a baby goat.
Courtney petting a donkey.
This bird scared me.
Hungry animals
This thing kept following our vehicle everywhere. He was really hungry.
Brooke standing up in the vehicle. She did not want to get to close to the animals.
Mr. Camal

We went to a drive through petting zoo while we were in Knoxville. We went with Dana, Dennis, and their children. I did not get to many good pictures, because we were doing everything we could to keep these animals from coming into the vehicle. We had a really fun time, with some great friends.
The camels at this place is used at Dixie Stampede in Pigeon Forge. (For the Christmas show)

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JinXiu said...

looks like such fun. we went to one this past summer and Emilee loved it. She also didnt want the aminals to get close to the car.

Glad you had a great time