Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Could of Been

We were getting ready to leave for camping. Everybody was rushing around doing last minute things. Kevin went outside to hook our camper up. I was inside doing some things. My mom and dad were also here. Mom said,"Where is Brooke?"
I said "In the playroom I think." Mom started yelling for Brooke and could not find her. I told mom that Brooke might of went outside with her daddy.
Mom quickly goes outside. Brooke had went outside and not told anybody. (She never does that) Kevin was getting in the Durango and fixing to back up when he looked in the mirror and saw Brooke and heard her saying, "Daddy, Daddy."
It gave us all a scare. That is how fast something can happen. Everybody thought Brooke was somewhere, but she wasn't. If Kevin had not looked in his mirror he would of ran right over her because he had no idea that Brooke was outside. No matter how careful we are, our children can get in dangerous situations before we know it. I have to say thanks to God for protecting Brooke and allowing Kevin to see her in time.
I held her, hugged her and talked to her. I told her to never go outside without telling us. All this brought tears to my eyes as I thought about what could of happened. I tried to explain to Brooke and she got all teary eyed on me. I was using a very gentle voice with her, but I think she thought she was in trouble.
As I am typing this Brooke just came up and said, "Mommy, Can I go outside?" :) Maybe she will ask from now on. Well I really am going this time. Talk to you all when we get home. I hope all of you have a great week.
Blessing to you all,
(Sorry I don't have the pretty signature many of you have, but I can't figure it out. I tried it, but it never would show up.)
Brooke just came and gave me a kiss and said," I love you. You are the best littlest mommy."
I am glad she thinks so, but I think she needs to leave the littlest out. LOL


Melanie said...

Oh my, I can't think of what could have been. I hope she learns it from now and doesn't go out alone again.
Give her LOTS of hugs from me!
Have a nice time camping!

AlabamaBrands said...

So glad God protected!

LucisMomma said...

Thank God that Kevin looked in the mirror! That is too scary. Give Brooke a hug from me and Luci!

I'm glad that Kevin was not there when the shooting happened, too.

And for another post comment :) Are you still feeling like Eeyore today? I hope you are out of the blues. Have fun on your trip! I hope it's the "medicine" you need right now.

JinXiu said...

Oh My goodness. What a scare.

God was watching over you and Brook at that moment.

I am happy no one got hurt

have fun camping. I cant wait to hear all about your great adventures


Kebrina said...

we just got back

Kebrina said...

thats cool,we went last week!!!!

Tina said...

So glad she called out to Kevin and everyone is ok. What a scare that must have been,

Amanda R. said...

Brooke thinks you're the "littlest" but James Allen thinks you're "so pretty" so I guess you can add that one to the descriptions! We were out in the van the other day and out of the blue he said, "Mama, I wuuvv Sis. Denna. She's so pretty!" :-)

Michelle said...

sending you a big HUG!!! How scary! And you are so many times people judge others when it comes to accidents of that kind....but it could happen to any of matter how careful we parent. Thanks for the reminder!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, it is always a scary thing when our children are missing for even a few seconds! UGH.
but to look in the mirror and and know a too busy second could have devastated all of you forever...

I am so glad she is okay!

EllieNat said...

WOW! Sounds like a scary experience! Reminds me that I need to have the same conversation with my daughters about NEVER leaving the house without me.

Hope you have a great camping trip!

Karen said...

Oh Denna how scary! Sounds like God was definitely watching over everyone involved. Thank you God! Moments like that can really make you realize how in a blink of an eye everything can change.

by the way, it took me a while to figure out the signature thingy too..

Hope you have a great weekend.