Friday, October 24, 2008

Tate Farms 1

Pick en Cotton
Sweet girls
Brooke,Kyle, Courtney, Autumn, and Chad
Being Silly
Chad, Autumn, and Brooke
Kyle enjoying the corn.
Look at Brooke's smile.

Cute Pumpkins
Covering Bonnie up.

We went to Tate Farms and met Shawn, Bonnie, and their children. We had a really nice time. The kids loved it. The corn was their favorite thing. They loved jumping in it. They buried Bonnie in the corn. Only her head was showing. Autumn and Kyle did not like it. They wanted their mommy uncovered really fast.
More pictures later.


Melanie said...

Oh I love these pictures! Seems like you all had a great time:)!!

BONNIE said...

good pictures! We really enjoyed going there with ya'll. I meed to get my pictures posted and get your e-mail

JinXiu said...

I love these pictures

especially the ones in the corn

too cute

Karen said...

These are such great pictures! Looks like so much fun!