Thursday, May 31, 2007

Blogger Friends and Email buddies

I need some help from you guys. If I have ever signed your blog, or you have signed my blog will you please leave me a comment with your blog address on it. I will not post the comments. My husband did a system restore on our computer and I lost all my favorite bloggers.:(
If you have not left any comments before and you want me to have your blog address, just leave it on my comments. They will not be published.

Also would my email friends please leave me your email address, because I lost those to.
If you could do this for me it would be so nice.

I have some of you on my blog roll. I forgot how to do the blog roll, so many, of you never got added. My wonderful friend Kelly set up my blog account in the beginning, and I forgot what she did.

Kelly, I need you to help me set my fizzle and blog roll back up one day after Bible School is over. If you have time you could email me the directions, and I might could figure it out.

Delinda, I need your email address.


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