Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Carter Blog

Check out this blog when you have a chance. Look at the two videos on there, and make sure you have some tissue.
I wish that we could go back to China and bring another child home. I know that if it is God's will he will supply the way. My heart has really been heavy with a special needs child. I am not on any groups to see the waiting children. I guess that is a good thing, because my heart would be crying out for them all.
Kevin says we are done. He is happy with his two girls. I am happy with the two girls that God blessed us with also. I just feel so strong to go back to China. I guess during these times we need to pray even harder for God to help us. Financially, I see no way. I know that if God has a little girl or boy that he wants us to adopt, then he will work out all the details. I don't even know why I have China on my mind so strong, unless it is because of Brooke. Who knows God may have other plans for us.


Kelly said...

I, too, have felt as though you would go back. Now, I won't say it has been a *strong* feeling, like you're having, but more of a "Yeah, I can see that happening."

Of course, money is no object with God, so if it's meant to be, you'll have the funds.

And, likewise, Kevin will get "the itch" as well, and change his mind if you're supposed to bring another child home. Kinda like you did with going to China in the first place. God overcame a huge obstacle in your mind to bring Brooke home (flying), and I'm convinced He would do that again if another child needed to be here.

And hey, special needs kids are great! What about a boy this time? ;)

God will show you Denna....just rest and let Him open any doors or take away the longing. Isn't it good to be able to just rest like that? Thank God for His wisdom!

2China4Ayla said...

Ohhh boy, an "itch" followed by both having dreams.....hmmmm? Gotta wonder. There are some BEAUTIFUL boys on A Helping Hands waiting child list....better stay off of there, or better yet go have a look see. Ha.

Alabamabrands said...

This is a first I've ever heard you talk about wanting a boy! Something's working on you!