Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've been tagged.

I have been tagged by Jen.

Lists 8 random facts/habits about yourself in a blog post. List these directions in the post. At the end of the post, tag 8 people to complete the task. Leave the persons you’ve tagged a comment to tell them they’re tagged and refer them to your blog to read the directions.

8. My first job was working at a daycare. I LOVED it.

7. I married somebody younger than me. Something I said I would never do. God had other plans. Kevin and I was best friends for about 4 years, before we realized our friendship was more than best friends.

6. I worked the first two years of our marriage at SCI. I was very ready to quit. As soon as Kevin got his degree, and job I quit. Of course we thought babies would start coming and so there was no need for me to work. Again, God had other plans.

5. I baby sat a little boy in my home, during our stuggle with infertility. Josh was my inspiration. He made me laugh, when I did not think I could laugh. He loved us as much as we loved him. Josh was like our son.

4. I always wanted 4 children. Two boys, and two girls. I have the two girls, but I guess I want get my boys unless God moves quickly. I will be 35 in a couple of weeks, and I always said I did not want to have children after that. Of course God could always change my mind.

3. My favorite meal would have to be a country meal. Roast, corn, Okra, butter beans.
Chicken comes in pretty close. I love any kind of chicken.

2. I hate to cook. I used to like it, but when I started homeschooling, and life got hectic, I hated it. I also have a picky husband, so it makes cooking hard. I much rather go out to eat, so I can get some things I like. One of my favorite place to eat is Chinese. I wonder why? LOL

1. I am a happy, stay at home mom with two beautiful girls, and a wonderful husband who treats me like a Queen. Life is great, but is going by to fast.

Now who do I want to tag??? I would pick many of the same ones that Jen picked, but I guess I can't do that. I will pick Connie, Sonya, Amy, Brooke, Rebecca, and Susan
Ohilda, and Tonya if they are not to busy. LOL I know you guys are getting ready to go to China, so I guess you can get out of this tag.
Of course I would pick Kelly, Heather, Mitchie, and Jen, but they have already been tagged. Love you all. Speaking of tags, I got tagged by Kelly several months ago, and I never did respond. Sorry Kelly. I think yours was 100 things about myself. That was to much to think on.


Kelly said...

Silly! It was the "ABCs of Homemaking!"

I wouldn't ask ANYONE to do 100 things, LOL! That's crazy! (makes ya wonder why I did it!!!)

You could still try the ABC one, it was fun!

Denna said...

I forgot. You will have to refresh my memory some day and maybe I will do it. For now, I have to go sort VBS stuff. I am so tired of looking at fun foam.LOL

Alabamabrands said...

I never thought I'd marry someone younger either (8 months- big deal!)

mommy24treasures said...

I hate cooking now too. Really its the mess after the cooking.
I also baby sat a little boy for the first 4 years of his life and he was my breath of fresh air for so long as well.
35 is young! Plenty of time for those boys to come!

Anonymous said...

Hey Denna Give Brooke a hug from me too ! And Tell Kevin You know what ! Ha-ha

Anonymous said...

I had my last and 37 and it's been a blesssing I'm glad I didn't miss!