Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kevin's Dream

Kevin just got up and I was telling him about my dream. He started grinning real big and said "Well I dreamed that we adopted from China also, last night."
I said "Are you serious?" Kevin was serious. I said " Maybe that is a sign from God."
Kevin says " The only sign from God is for him to drop $25,000 in our front yard. :(
I guess I need to pray that God will have to show us in a different way. I don't have that much faith. Of course I did not think to tell Kevin that God did not drop that much the last time. God supplied all the needs and there is no doubt in my mind that God wanted us to go to China.


Kelly said...

Oh wow.....

Prayer, anyone? :)

Kelly said...

LOL, I have felt China's boys pulling at my heart too. My DH and I now both say unless God drops a child on our doorstep that we are done. Course $25000 in the front yard might do it too. :o)