Friday, May 25, 2007

Adventurous Day

We had quite a Adventurous Day Yesterday. We took the girls to Chucke Cheese and we let them both take a friend. Brooke took Libby and Courtney took Haley. I will post pictures later, but I have a good bit of red eye to fix first. Libby has beautiful blue eyes, and every picture she has red eye. What is it about these blue and green eye girls? My two girls have dark brown eyes, and they hardly ever have red eye in the pictures. Haley and Libby has it so bad in the pictures. I will have to pick some of my favorite and correct that and then post the pictures.
All the girls had a blast. Libby and Brooke quickly caught on that "coins" is what helped them ride a ride. Those two was wanting to go through coins as quick as I could give them one. Libby being the oldest, understood the coin issue more than Brooke. Brooke was happy to carry her little cup around with two coins in it. I only allowed the little ones to put a couple of coins in because I knew they would use them as fast as they could. Libby got on this one ride that she thought she knew how to do. She was yelling help. She forgot to buckle her seat belt, so it would not go up.
Courtney and Haley did well with their tokens. They took their time and enjoyed everything they could. Of course their tokens went quick also. Courtney and Haley loved this roller coaster ride. They even talked me and Kevin into riding it. It was pretty neat. It has 6 or 7 different roller coasters you can ride. There is this huge screen that looks just like you are on the ride. Your seat moves so it makes it even more real. Libby and Brooke wanted to ride. Two people can ride for one token, so I decided to let them. It was so funny. They got on and the roller coaster starts up. Libby's eyes is as big as saucers. Brooke is smiling really big. Brooke is laying there going "WOW, WOW" over and over. It was really funny to watch those two.
Kevin and I played a couple of games of Air Hockey. I love that game. Courtney and Haley also played and laughed the whole time.
Kevin was helping Brooke on the slide and this child comes up to him. The boy is about six. This is their conversation.
Child pointing to Brooke= "Is she Spanish or English?"
Kevin = "What did you ask?" (Kevin was finding this funny)
Child= Is she Spanish or English?
Kevin= Neither, She is Chinese.
Child= She is Chinese and you are her father
Kevin= "yes"
Child= Are you English?
Kevin= Yes
This child was so confused. I can't remember what else was said. Kevin got a huge laugh from it. Especially since the child was so young.
After about 2 hours the tokens was gone. Libby and Brooke wanted more. They was on this kiddie roller coaster ride and they was yelling "more coins" When I told them we did not have any more Brooke got really upset. She crossed her arms and her lip went out. She was sitting on the ride all huffy. Brooke was really getting tired at this point. Her behavior was starting to act up. LOL
I took Libby to potty. Of course Brooke wanted to go. I let her, and I wish I had not. Brooke got so upset when Libby went to potty and she saw Libby's big girl panties. Brooke crossed her arms and said " I want big girl panties to" I am like Brooke if you want big girl panties then you have to go potty like Libby" Brooke says "no, I want big girl panties" I gave up. No matter how I tried to explain why Libby was not wearing diapers, Brooke was in a really bad mood and she would not have it no other way but to whine that she wanted big girls panties to.
We bought them some candy when we left and that seemed to bring a smile. Brooke and Libby held hands as we walked to the Van. We was in the van about 5 minutes and Libby was out. She was wore completely out. She fell asleep and slept all the way home. The children all had a blast. Haley spent the night with Courtney. They have had a really fun time. I will post some pictures once I get the red eye out of the blue eyed girls. LOL


Kelly said...

Awwww! So glad you let me in on your fun day!

You can use Libby as a potty training tool whenever you want ;) LOL!

Can't wait to see the pics! (I totally understand the blue eye problem)

mommy24treasures said...

sounds like a fun day!

NCgurlie06 said...

One of the sisters from up here ( Asheville) had a baby Friday,Anyways she already has a 3 yr old. So when they brought the 3 yr old in to see the baby, they asked her if the baby looked like her. And she said "No,She's white and I'm black!!"

Denna said...

That is funny.