Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Cuddly Friends

Opening their cuddly Friend Dolls
How Sweet!
Brooke is not to sure what to do.
Thanks Mom and Dad
In the end, Brooke had rather play with the box.
I bought the girls a cuddly friend doll, from MY TWINN. They was both excited to see what was in the box. Courtney loved hers. Brooke was not for sure what to do with the doll at first. She finally watched her sister and started loving on the doll. Brooke would hug it and smile. The funny thing is, in the end Brooke put the doll down and played with the empty box. I don't understand why children do that. Here is this nice doll, that is perfect for her to hold and she chooses the box. Courtney had picked hers out on the internet last week. She already knew what she was getting. She was so excited when the mail lady left the box. I was glad to see the excitement on their faces when they opened the box.

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Hodge Family News said...

SWEET SWEET Dolls for Two Sweet Girls! Great pics!!!

DH Jeff
DS Drew (11)
DS Ben (8)
Katie Lin (2)
Jiangxi Province
Family Day 2/22/05