Friday, May 26, 2006

Sand box

When Brooke first saw the Sand.
No Sand
This is fun!!!!
Daddy bringing us something cold to drink.
We bought Brooke her first sand box. Brooke loves the outside. She likes to play in the dirt and the rocks. I told Kevin we really needed to buy her a sand box. We bought it and she loved it. She stayed in the sand box for a long time. I took pictures. I had just put my camera up when Brooke done the funniest thing. Brooke got a huge scoop of sand on her shovel. She started lifting the shovel in the air. Brooke made one mistake. She followed the shovel with her eyes. "SPLAT" A huge thing of sand dumped on her face. I jumped up and was trying to get it off. I was afraid the sand was in her eyes. She seemed fine. Courtney and I got a good laugh though. Brooke had the funniest expression on her face.
We had a very hot day for playing outside. Kevin hooked up the sprinkler for the girls to run through. Brooke did not like the sprinkler at all. I laughed so hard watching her. When the water sprayed her she took off running. I have never seen her move so fast. She was going as fast as her little legs could go trying to get away from that water. Brooke loves getting a bath. I was surprised that she did not like the sprinkler. We ended up sitting under a shade and watching the girls play in the sand. Courtney is to big to get in the sand box, so she did not play long. We all was really hot. Kevin and I was really wanting a milkshake. Kevin goes inside and comes back out with chocolate milk. (Strawberry for Courtney) He figured if he could not get a milkshake that he would get as close to it as possible. LOL
We all enjoyed the milkshake and the thoughtfulness of our husband and daddy.


Brooke said...

Where did you get the sand box? I really want to get Cadie one soon. I hope to get the one like that with the lid. I had a sandbox at one point growing up but no lid...and we had cats. LOL! Cute pics. :) ~Leah

Denna said...

We got it at the great Wal-Mart.
$28.00. I think Toysarus also has them but they are like $60.00 They may be a little bit bigger. I am not for sure. O.K I have to check out your blog. What is the deal with Brooke? I know that is your middle name. When I saw your comment I was thinking "who in the world is Brooke?"

Vanessa said...

Hey! It looks like you had a lot of fun. Check out my blog...see what you think.