Monday, May 08, 2006

What a night!!!

After church last night we went to McDonald with some friends. After we got home Brooke and Courtney played for a little bit. I did not let them play long because it was late. I guess we all was asleep by 11:30. Around 12:15 Brooke woke up crying. Kevin went in and patted her and gave her a passey. She went back to sleep. Around 1:15 she woke up again. I went in and patted her and she went back to sleep. I think it was 2:00 she woke up again. I am like a walking zombie. I stumble into her room and Brooke is sitting up in her bed crying. I lay her down and she cries and cries. I finally get her to sleep, (I thought). I start to leave the room and she starts again. At this point I am trying to focus on what is wrong and force my eyes to stay open. I pick Brooke up and almost fell. ( I was so sleepy) I just wanted to let her cry and go back to bed. At this point Courtney is sitting up in the bed wanting to know what was going on. Kevin gets up and fixes Brooke a bottle. I give her the bottle and she downs it and goes back to sleep. I go lay her in her bed and she immediately starts crying and saying "momma".
Well I decide if I am going to get any sleep I have to put her in our bed. I laid her down and she went to sleep. I have trouble going back to sleep because I am wide awake at this point. Finally I go back to sleep. I get woke up by a ton of bricks falling on my face. Actually it was Brooke tossing and either her head or hands was hitting me in the face. She starts crying again. I think it was three something. I am so miserable. Kevin is miserable. I am begging him to go sleep in the other room so he can get some rest. He wants me to so I can get some rest. It ended up neither of us got much sleep. Brooke tossed and turned and cried the rest of the night. Every hour she would wake up. I would look at the clock and think another hour. I got hit in the eye by her hand. This morning I am so sore from laying in the exact same spot. I could not turn over because I was afraid I would roll back on her. The times I did try to turn over Brooke would grab my shirt and cry. I finally got up this morning and Brooke seems to be sleeping so good. I guess that is the way it normally works. What a night we had!!!! I feel really wore out this morning. Oh I forgot to mention around 6:00 Kevin's cell phone starts beeping with a voice message. I hope I can stay awake today. Kelly if you are reading this I don't know if I will make it to the gym today. I might fall asleep while you guys are double stepping. LOL
Time to get Brooke up.( Yeeks)


Kelly said...

Don't worry, I might not be there either!

With Amie in the hospital, I don't think I'll go and get all worked up, seeing how I may end up having to leave right away. Who wants to be around someone dripping with sweat? HA!

Get a nap--you'll need it. Ask your pediatrician about Melatonin to help her sleep--it's not a drug. See if they think it would be ok. It could really help ALL of you!

Alabamabrands said...

I'm sorry you didn't sleep; I hate nights like that!
If I can add my two cents--
My kids have always been good sleepers (I don't know if that's hereditary or not). They've all slept 12 hr nights with a three hour nap in the afternoon after age one.
One thing that i think helps is putting them down at approx. the same time for naps and bed. When they get used to the routine their body NEEDs to sleep at that time- they really don't have a choice. Their body says, "hey, it's two o'clock. I need to nap!!" Same at night.
I noticed with Sadie that I don't always get her up right away when I hear her wake up from her nap. She may just have to wait sometimes 'cuz I'm busy. If she was screaming I'd get her, but some whimpering and babbling can wait. I can't tell you how many times she's fallen back to sleep for an hour or more within ten minutes. That and putting them down to sleep while they are still awake teaches them to fall asleep on their own, I think (a big plus if they wake up at night).
Just a few things that have worked for me.
Good luck! Love & appreciate you!!

Denna said...

I think you are right about trying to put Brooke to bed at the same time. It is so hard with the way Kevin works. I think I will put a extra effort into trying to put her to bed at the exact time each night and see if that helps.
Thanks for the advice.
The shots went better this time.
Thanks for your prayers.