Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Artificial Babies

Courtney asked us today if we tried to get a artificial baby when we tried to get her. LOL
What she meant was Artificial Insemination. She does not even know what Artificial Insemination is. Courtney has heard us talking about the Celebration Of Life lately. She has also heard us talking about In-Vitro Fertilization.
I was on the phone with one of my dear friends last night. This friend is having a very difficult time right now. She has been trying to have a baby for 4 years with no success. My heart went out to her because I know exactly what she is going through. The bad thing is the Doctors have not found anything wrong with her or her husband so there is no medical reason why she should not be able to have a child. My friend was telling me that her and her husband had did Artificial Insemination twice since February and she has not got pregnant. She has one more try with this but she is so tired of fighting it. She is stressed to the max and just don't feel like she can go again. I am trying to comfort her and give her some advice. I was telling her that I thought it would be good for her and and her husband to try Artificial insemination one more time this summer. The reason is she will not be working this summer and she will not be under as much stress. I was on the phone with my friend a hour and a half. I don't normally talk that long on the phone, but I felt she needed a friend.
All this to say little ears was listening to my conversation. Courtney's little mind is working. She is trying to put the celebration of life and my conversation with my friend together and she comes up with Artificial Babies? Kevin and I could not help but laugh. Of course Courtney wants to know about how she got here. She has been asking questions lately and I just don't feel she is ready to know about how children are born. I told her to wait a couple of more years and I would explain some things to her. She don't like that answer. She wants to know now. I don't know when the best age is to explain things to your children. I know it will never be a easy time. I had rather tell her than for her friends to tell her and it be all wrong. She has also asked me lately how so and so can have a baby and they are not married. Courtney said "my friend Logan told me that you have to have a daddy." Courtney then says " I told him that you don't have to have a daddy, because so and so did not have a daddy." I tried to explain that you have to have a daddy and a mommy. She kept bringing up this so and so (I will not give their name.) Finally I told her not to worry about it right now I would explain it to her later. Anybody got any good ideas or a good age to explain things to your children??
I have to say Courtney gave us a good laugh when she ask about artificial babies.


Alabamabrands said...

How people can have babies and not be married?
They just pretend they are married- end of discussion. This answer has always sufficed for mine, and it didn't seem to lead to any onther questions.
Another one they ask is if children are a blessing from God why does God give people children when the are pretending to be married??
Well, I think I said something about it becoming very difficult to have that child when it doesn't have married parents and it's not a blessing like when you are.
As far as invitro--
could you say something about the doctor making sure the baby gets off to a good start or something? I'm not sure what the best wording would be, but I'm with you, not all the info is necessary at this age. When she needs more hopefully you can just explain the woman side of things and leave it at that for a while.

**One more note, there are a few young girls that know a lot about womanly things and she will find out before you tell her if you are not careful to keep an ear out for conversations!

Denna said...

On the "one more note" that is what I am afraid of.
I think Courtney's age is to young to know. I guess as long as I can avoid the questions I will. I try to keep it simple like you said, but with Courtney it is very hard. She has a huge imagination and she is always thinking. If she is not chattering about something she is thinking real hard. She is very mature for her age. I guess I want to keep her a little girl forever.