Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pool Mistake

We do not have our pool ready yet. We have a above ground pool. Over the winter the pool got really gross. (green, algae, and stinky) Our plans was to drain it and start fresh. Kevin always does the draining of the pool. I kept telling him we needed to drain it. He had the idea that we needed to feel it up to the very top and let some of the leaves and nasty stuff in the pool flow over. I said "O.K" We did that. Well Kevin turns the water off, but leaves the hose in. Yesterday Courtney and her friend was hot and wanted me to turn the sprinkler on. I had to unscrew the hose that is going to the pool and put the sprinkler hose on the sprinkler. I did not know that doing this would cause the pool to drain. (You see the hose was still in the pool.) When I unhooked the hose from the faucet the pool started to drain. It would not have been so bad if I had known. I could have ran the hose toward the road. Not knowing I left the hose where it was. Half of the water drained out last night. Guess where it drained? Right under our shed where we keep the lawn mower, and right in the dogs pen where they sleep. Poor dogs. the must have thought it came a storm. Kevin discovered all of this when he came home. I did not know that was how you drain a pool. Kevin always does that, but he puts the hose where the water will flow toward the road. (NOT THE DOGS PEN) I just hope the dogs was not a sleep last night and woke to be floating in water. LOL
I felt real dumb. I always thought Kevin would suck on the hose to get the water flowing and then let the pool drain. He told me I was crazy this morning.LOL Kevin said he would never put that nasty water in his mouth. Well I guess you learn from experience.

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