Thursday, May 04, 2006

"NO Brooke"

Kevin ask me this morning how many times a day I say "no Brooke". That is a good question. Brooke is always into something. Brooke and Courtney is two very different babies. I don't remember Courtney getting into as much stuff as Brooke. Brooke is constantly getting into something or trying to get into something. Here is just a few things we go through during the day. "No Brooke, leave the computer alone" "No Brooke you can't play with the birds food" "Where did you get that Brooke?" Brooke will have lotion or shampoo in her hands. One day she managed to get the lotion top off and had lotion everywhere. One day she had a razor in her hand. (She had been in our bathroom) Yes, I should have had it put in a better place, but honestly I am not for sure where Brooke did get it. Many days I go into Brooke's room and she will have all, or almost all the diapers pulled out of the diaper stack and in the floor. Brooke is a very busy little girl. One day I had bought a 12 pack of cokes. Somehow Brooke got the box opened and she would bring two cans into the living room and put them in the floor. She worked really hard and brought all the cokes into the living room. Kevin and I could not help but laugh at her. She looked so funny waddling from the kitchen into the living room carrying all these cans of coke. She seemed to be having fun so we let her continue.
Brooke is always trying to put her finger in the birds cage. If I have told her once, I have told her a dozen times that the bird is going to bite her finger. She does not listen well. She will stop when I tell her to, but then a little bit later she is back over at the bird cage trying to put her hand in the cage. I guess it will take Perky biting her finger one day to make her stop. Perky is a little parakeet so it would not hurt to bad.
No matter what I am doing Brooke is into something. She like to get in the cabinets and pull out the dishes. Yesterday she put a adventure in Odyssey tape in the garbage. I tried to explain that we only put trash in the garbage. Brooke just looks at me and grins.
Many days I hear Courtney scream " Help Brooke has my hair" I go to rescue Courtney and find Brooke standing there having a good time pulling Courtney's long hair. "No, No Brooke don't pull sissy's hair"
Brooke is very curious and she will watch everything you do. She will try to do exactly what you are doing. I have found I have to be very careful in what I let her see me do. One day I had been vacuuming. I had stopped for some reason. Brooke had got real quite, so I went to see what she was into. She had the vacuum cleaner unplugged and was trying to plug it in again. I told her no and tried to explain that it could hurt baby. I then tossed the cord across the room. Ten minutes later Brooke has the cord and she is going to another outlet to try and plug it in. (Yes I have the safety plugs in most of my outlets now)
Brooke can find anything that you can't see. One day she found a little staple on the floor and ate it. I am constantly saying " Brooke what did you put in your mouth?"
Brooke has not reached the terrible twos yet. What am I in for????
Even though she is always into something she has brought us so much joy and happiness. Having Brooke in our life has been so wonderful. We love her very much. Brooke will be running through the house saying " momma, momma" over and over. It is so sweet to hear those words.
When I hear her sweet little voice saying "momma. Momma" My heart melts and I seem to forget all the things she had got into that day.

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Alabamabrands said...

I have to say I know how you feel. In an apartment we used to live in Morghann covered our whole living room carpet with lotion. That was a mess. I still don't know how I got it up, I think we had to rent a carpet shampooer. So many days of marker and crayon on the walls, powder on the floor, and playing in the sink (you know about that one). I was just thinking about it the other day, and I'm glad to say that most of this they have outgrown. For the most part we are beyond that age. Praise the Lord! We just have one more to go through. Hopefully it won't be too bad with other tattle tales around to help me keep my eyes out!