Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What a Day.

This has been a very tiring day. My dad had surgery this morning. My dad has had some really major problems with his sinus. They had to go up the nose and do some major work. I know it sounds pretty gross. The surgery was not major, but they did put my dad to sleep. Putting my dad to sleep has always been a challenge for the Doctor's. My dad has a short neck and it is very hard to get a tube down him. The last time he had surgery the Doctors scared me. They had several of the ones who put you to sleep come in and look at dad because they knew it was going to be tough. I can't spell their names, but you know who I mean. Ana something LOL I can't spell it. Anyways, it always makes me nervous when they have to put my dad to sleep. He came through the surgery well. He is still in the hospital. He should be able to come home tomorrow. When I left him he was suffering a good bit, and very sick to his stomach.

I am very tired because I took both of my girls with me. They was very good. Courtney did her schoolwork and Brooke ran around making everybody smile. At one point it was very quite in the waiting room and Brooke decides to test her lungs out. She embarrassed me so bad.

Kevin had to come home because he had to get some sleep before he went to work. I was home long enough to check my email and see the picture Melanie sent me, and to check my yahoo group on Ayla. Ayla is a beautiful little girl who was also having a procedure done today. I was praying for her while I was waiting on my dad to get through with his procedure. Ayla did well also. After I checked my email and a few blogs I went back to the hospital with my two girls. I am very tired now. Brooke is sitting in my lap saying "Hold me. I sleepy" I am sleepy also, so we are now going to bed.

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Melanie said...

I'm glad everything went good and i hope he feels good soon.
Aw, we all know Brooke always makes people smile lol!
Lots of hugs